Red Chilli Audio are proud to announce the exclusive distribution of VTAB


Red Chilli Audio are proud to announce the exclusive distribution of VTAB and will be distributing their products throughout the UK and Ireland as well as most of Europe.

VTAB ukuleles were given the title of Uke of the Year on in 2017 but until now have not had distribution and that is where Red Chilli Audio come in.

Red Chilli Audio successfully distribute Snail Ukuleles throughout Europe as well as ISUZI and VTAB are the perfect addition to complement areas that the other brands do not cover meaning you can now get 3 brand s of ukuleles, guitareleles  and accessories all through one channel.

Managing Director Steve Helm said:

”After long discussions and testing many samples, the fit seemed right and they are great people with similar ideas and we feel it can only add to the brands we have and not distract as you might think as we have different price points, woods and packages now available to suit most peoples budgets and style preferences”

I feel with the recent addition of Bespeco and ISUZI alongside VTAB we now have a wonderful array of products to compliment SNAIL ukuleles, Richter Guitar straps, SWIFF technology and Miktek .

VTAB have some really nice products finished in Deadwood, Acacia and Solid Spruce amongst other things and all their ukuleles come with a spare set of strings, plectrums and a cloth to add value to the ukuleles.

They feel really solid and have a wonderful tone and also look pretty nice too!”

For further information:

Red Chilli Audio 0113 457 5222 or email