Lang Lang releases latest piano book – a new chapter for the superstar pianist and educator


“With ‘Piano Book’ I’m going back to my first love, to the pieces that made me want to become a musician in the first place.” Lang Lang

Superstar pianist Lang Lang will release his latest publication, ‘Lang Lang Piano Book’, on 12th April 2019. This collaboration between Lang Lang and independent British publisher and MIA member Faber Music will be published to accompany Lang Lang’s eagerly awaited new solo album ‘Piano Book’ with Universal Music Group and Deutsche Grammophon.

Featuring all 29 pieces from the album, ‘Lang Lang Piano Book’ is a collection of the repertoire that first inspired Lang Lang to play the piano. It is beautifully presented as a high-end cased book, featuring marbled endpapers, page-finder ribbon and sewn binding. It includes exclusive photographs, comments from Lang Lang on every piece and an edition of Für Elise annotated with the pianist’s own performance notes.

Lang Lang’s enthusiasm and commitment to inspiring others to learn and play the piano has remained ever-present throughout his career. Through ‘Lang Lang Piano Book’, he hopes to “motivate pianists to enjoy and remain focussed during their daily practice.” The collection gathers together many of the miniatures that generations of amateur pianists have grown up with, from Czerny’s studies and Clementi’s sonatinas that were part of Lang Lang’s own daily routine, to miniature masterpieces such as Für Elise and Bach’s Prelude No.1 in C. Alongside these are  modern classics such as the Valse d’Amélie and Sakamoto’s music for Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence that helped the international pianist connect with people through the power of music, as well as folk pieces from around the world, such as Sweden’s Limu, limu, lima and the popular Chinese Jasmine Flower. Lang Lang holds all these short pieces in the highest regard, believing them to be classics in their own right and deserving of the same attention as major works.

“This is the music that has shaped me as a pianist and musician from the very beginning: it all has a huge personal importance to me and reflects my deep love of every aspect of the piano.” Lang Lang

Lang Lang entered an exclusive publishing partnership with Faber Music in 2014, launching the Lang Lang Piano Academy. This major new piano programme includes ‘mastering the piano’, five books focusing on piano technique, and the bestselling Lang Lang Piano Method. Both series have been translated into multiple languages and received global acclaim.

‘Lang Lang Piano Book’, published by Faber Music will be available to buy online and from music retailers from 12 April 2019.