New hybrid trumpet awarded as ‘best teaching tool’


Warwick Music Group’s pTrumpet hyTech, officially launched at NAMM 2019 in California, has been declared “Best Teaching Tool for Intermediate Students” in the annual School Band & Orchestra Best Tools for Schools Awards.

The award is a significant and early accolade for pTrumpet hyTech which marks a new chapter in trumpet evolution. Building on the lightweight, robust, durable and affordable features of pTrumpet, hyTech has undergone a rigorous development programme including feedback on the concept from professional players and teachers from the United States, UK and around the world.

The annual SBO Awards are judged by an independent panel of expert music educators who tour NAMM – which this year attracted more than 115,000 music trade visitors – secretly reviewing products in several different categories.

The patented metal/plastic hybrid pTrumpet hyTech includes stainless steel lined pistons with ABS core, polymer bonded and CNC cut yellow brass valve block and solid brass mouthpiece receiver with a standard 7C silver-plated metal mouthpiece. The design creates a free-blowing, open feel and accurate intonation – delivering a performance standard equivalent to high-quality student brass trumpets but with many additional pedagogical benefits for students and teachers alike.

Chris Fower, Director of Creativity and Innovation at Warwick Music Group, said: “It sounds like a simple idea to take the best of plastic and metal and produce an outstanding student trumpet, yet beneath that ambition lay a host of extraordinary musical, technical and manufacturing challenges.

“I’m so proud and delighted that the hard work of our amazing development team has not only overcome those challenges but produced a musical instrument which benefits the development of all students starting their trumpet playing journeys.”

 Rich Breske, Director of US Marketing, said: “We’re honoured to be recognized by music educators as an exciting new entry into the band and orchestra discussion.  pTrumpet hyTech provides terrific accessibility to more students as it is incredibly musical, durable and affordable.  The combination of great quality sound and valve action, along with the durability of the carefully designed gold plastic body makes this trumpet preferable, and virtually indistinguishable, in the intermediate/beginner band situation.  

 “The lighter weight easily provides for better posture and therefore better air movement and improved overall sound – and with the smaller case, also means students can carry the instrument home and practice more often. Its gold metallic-like finish – other colours are available – matches up with other brass instruments already in the band, except that there are no dents.”

pTrumpet hyTech, available in gold, silver and black finishes, is being delivered throughout the world with UK availability in April.

Gareth Small of The Halle with pTrumpet by hyTech