Red Chilli Audio Head Office rocked by explosion


MIA Member Red Chilli Audio’s Head office in Bradford Road, Batley, has been damaged in a serious explosion that happened to the building opposite it last night.

Here is as statement from Managing Director Steve Helm:

All of our windows have been destroyed and there is glass everywhere but thankfully none of the staff are injured. It happened last night and I managed to miss the explosion as I had delayed a delivery for the morning. It’s lucky I did, as I probably would not be here now. The blast was so severe and the building opposite looks like a write off. We have heard that sadly there are several casualties, so we are extremely lucky that everyone is still here!

We are hopeful that we can get goods shipping again by Monday. Nothing will be leaving the warehouse for the rest of the week as there is no access via the road; the entire area is sealed off by the police for safety reasons.

If you could please bare with us for a few days, as deliveries to us and from us will obviously be affected. We hope to be up and running by Monday and can still be contacted via phone on 077667 56789 instead of the office number or via email at steve@redchilliaudio.conm