Scale Colour System by Alex Lofoco


London-based bassist and composer Alex Lofoco has been teaching music and bass guitar for over 15 years, and over that time he has acquired a wealth of knowledge on how aspiring musicians learn how to play an instrument. During this period Alex developed his own method of teaching, based on the ways he first learned to play music and on the valuable feedback from his students.

The first volume of the Scale Colour System focusses on Scales, it is available for both Guitar and Bass and illustrates how this innovative method can be used to bridge music theory and practice, demystify the fretboard, and unlock one’s playing.


The Scale Colour System is a visualisation tool that maps intervals and scales onto the fretboard of a stringed instrument and allows a student to understand the symmetrical quality of the instrument.

Every scale is made up of different intervals, and the system shows how different combinations of those intervals make up different scales. These combinations are symmetrical and repeat themselves across the fretboard.

The colour aspects of the system helps a musician easily visualise these patterns on the fretboard and understand how they combine together to form scales, chords, and melodies. It is an intuitive method which is easy to grasp and is useful for players of any level.

How does the SCALE COLOUR SYSTEM bridge theory and practice and unlock one’s playing?

The Scale Colour System is not a replacement for learning the notes found in music and on an instrument; rather it allows a musician to take the knowledge acquired from learning music theory and applying it in a visual manner, to see how these notes map out onto the fretboard.

The first volumes for Bass & Guitar illustrate the important building blocks of music theory: intervals, the circle of fifths, every type of scale, their relative modes, and much more. The Scale Colour System then takes it a step forward and shows the underlying symmetry and patterns of these theory building blocks, thus bridging the important aspects of learning theory and applying it in one’s playing on the instrument.

An immediately apparent benefit of the system is being able to play the same phrase or scale in different positions all across the neck.

The Scale Colour System allows one to discern the geometry of the fretboard and learn music through the instrument in order to
“play outside the box”. With this kind of knowledge all that’s left is one’s own imagination… as the late Allan Holdsworth put it:

“Imagine your eyes like dancing on the notes that you want to play. And then forget about whether your hands can do it or not, just
try it!.” With the Scale Colour System you’ll be able to do just that!

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“I wish I had a copy of this book when I was starting out!”
– Michael Manring

“If traditional bass method and theory books have left you feeling bewildered & confused, then this book could well be a game
– Dave Swift (Jools Holland)

“Highly recommended for those wishing to become masters of bass.”
– Neil Murray (Whitesnake, Black Sabbath, Brian May)

“It takes a creative mind to be able to successfully get across the daunting task of understanding the guitar or bass guitar fretboard, and make it easier. Alex has managed to create a visual medium to make the task much easier. I’m sure a lot of people will appreciate the ease his new book has to offer to get that hurdle behind them, and launch off into the fun world of making music!”
– Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson’s guitarist)