The Retail Outlook for 2019


There is no shortage of “doom and gloom” stories about UK retailing at the moment, be it clothing, electricals, shop closures, department stores, small stores etc!

The Retail Think Tank have just released an excellent White Paper report on the Retail landscape (see link below) that we would recommend is well worth a look:

There are a number of themes discussed in the report including:

  • Brexit (of course!)
  • Growth of online and possible “correction” in levels
  • Some renewed interest in vising a physical outlet
  • Following the point above, the critical need for “Experiental Retailing”
  • Some possible realism in rent apreements
  • Emerging technologies that retailers need to consider

The MIA “Future of our Industry” Conference in May (more news to follow shortly) will draw on many of themes with discussion panels. See link below: