Vicoustic turned more than 84 ton of plastic waste into state-of-the-art acoustic panels during 2018


Producing acoustic solutions in a sustainable and environmentally conscious way has been at the forefront of Vicoustic’s mind for quite some time. In 2018, Vicoustic began paving a new path in the acoustic design world with its development and production of a new, sustainable material – VicPET Wool and the introduction of the first product line using this material, Vicoustic VMT.

PET Wool is a non-woven textile with superb acoustic performance, but predominantly made from recycled plastic bottles. Through extensive research and testing, Vicoustic fine-tuned this material that can now found across a range of Vicoustic products. This includes acoustic panels and clouds such as: Flat Panel VMT, ViClouds VMT, VicWallpaper and shortly many more new products.

This has lead to production of acoustic products during 2018 using more than 84 ton of plastic waste, an equivalent of roughly 7,5 Million standard PET bottles being recycled.

The commitment to making products in an environmentally friendly way is also being extended across the whole of the Vicoustic product line, and is an integral part of future product development. The goal is clear; is to replace all foam-based products with VicPET Wool and be a leading example for the use of sustainable materials.

However, sustainability is not limited to manufacturing. Vicoustic’s aim for a greener product is also in the quality and durability of their creations and the aim for these to have a great, long and lasting life.

Alongside this lasting element to these products, PET Wool meets EuroClass B fire regulations and necessary safety standards. The panels and clouds also continue to be easy and practical to install without compromising on their functionality or design and aesthetic flexibility.

As Vicoustic continues to grow rapidly in size, in technological advances, and in reputation, the company wants to showcase their continuing efforts in sustainable design. 2018 saw a third Vicoustic factory opening, meaning Vicoustic is more determined than ever to use eco-friendly products to reduce any detrimental environmental impact.

A strong connection between the materials Vicoustic use, the acoustic demands of clients worldwide, and the function of the products has always been key to the spirit of the company. Developing a reputation as a leading producer of acoustic solutions is important to Vicoustic and this is strengthened in our ongoing ambitions to durable and high-performing products.