Warwick Music Group hits the right note after theft


Warwick Music Group has come to the aid of a Coventry music teacher and Salvation Army band member whose trombone was stolen from her car in a pre-Christmas smash and grab.

In December, Katie Lawrence prepared to leave her home in Bedworth, near Coventry to join fellow Salvation Army members for Christmas carolling.

But her plans were dashed when she made the sad discovery that her car had been broken into and several instruments were missing, including her green pBone – a gift from her husband the previous Christmas. pBone, the world’s first ever plastic trombone created by West Midlands-based Warwick Music Group, is ideal for playing outside as it is less affected by low temperatures – which can plague traditional instruments manufactured in brass.

However, the sad tale of the theft did not escape the notice of the team at Warwick Music Group who were moved by her story when they read of it in the Coventry Telegraph – and have now hand-delivered an identical replacement.

Katie, who is a teacher and music coordinator at a Bedworth School and a member of Nuneaton Salvation Army Band, said she was overwhelmed by Warwick Music Group’s generosity.

“I loved my green pBone – I had it for less than a year but it was so fun; people always commented on it when I was out and about playing, I was really upset to have lost it.

“But then I had a visit from Sophie Blackmore who works for Warwick Music Group who really kindly presented me with a new one. It was a lovely surprise and totally unexpected.”

Sophie, Warwick Music Group’s Marketing Manager, said : “We were all really upset by the theft, especially as it affected somebody in our local community. I contacted Katie soon after and we are really pleased to play our part in bringing a happy end to a sad story.”

“It was a really distressing situation that Katie found herself in but everyone at Warwick Music Group was happy to spread some cheer!”

pBone is a truly authentic musical instrument that has become the world’s best-selling trombone. Available in a variety of colours – including green – it is lightweight, durable and remarkable value for money.

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