CITES – latest news


An update from Paul Mc

I am wary of communicating too much in the midst of the Brexit uncertainty, but wanted to give us all a few headlines from the meeting I had with DEFRA this week:

  • The Defra/APHA team is being expanded by 30 more people ready for Brexit (will never be enough!)
  • You have seen the news that we are hopefully ready for a positive breakthrough with Rosewood in May (see link below)
  • Cedrela is now under debate for restriction (mainly used in electric, acoustic and Spanish guitars)
  • An exemption proposal for finished instruments is already being tabled by our Global Music Coalition (NAMM, CAFIM, MIA, CFSI etc.)
  • Musical Instrument Certificates, requests for 10 year lifespan and eliminating the need to have stamps in and out of every visited Country!
  • Ivory certification format, consultation due in Spring 2019 prior to implementation at end of year/2020
  • Ivory “substitutes” still being investigated and an industry exemption is already being tabled by our Global Music Coalition
  • A list of designated “After Brexit” CITES points of entry into the UK has been published, worth taking note of now:
  • Airports include:
  • Belfast International , Birmingham International , Bristol, Cardiff , East Midlands , Edinburgh , Gatwick , Glasgow International , Glasgow Prestwick , Heathrow , Luton, Manchester , Southampton Eastleigh , Stansted
  • Ports include:
  • Felixstowe , Harwich , Liverpool Container Terminal (lift-on/lift-off) , London Gateway , Plymouth , Poole , Portsmouth , Southampton , Tilbury ,
  • Postal points of entry include:
  • Coventry International Parcel Post Hub , Heathrow International Distribution Centre
  • Ports not currently included as CITES-designated points of entry or exit ; You will no longer be able to import or export CITES goods through certain high volume ports including:
  • Dover
  • Eurotunnel
  • Holyhead
  • Gibraltar will not be included as a UK designated port for CITES trade.