The Music Commission’s final report


What does it take to make progress in music? After 18 months exploring this issue, The Music Commission has now finalised its conclusions and has published its report on 4 March 2019. The Music Commission also asked a group of musicians of all ages what they wanted to do next with with their music. They made a film which shows what they had to say…

Here is the video in which young people share their musical ambitions, it shows how important it is that anyone who wants to is able to take their music further :

Launched in July 2017, The Music Commission was set up by MIA Member ABRSM, the leading UK-based charity providing graded music exams and support to teachers and learners around the world, with backing from Arts Council England.

Led by Sir Nicholas Kenyon, and guided by an expert panel, The Music Commission aims to transform how they support more young people to be the best they can be in music.

The Commission has focused on how to create the conditions for every young person to get the support they need to achieve their full musical potential. It has taken evidence from a wide range of music and arts organisations, practitioners and leaders in the field, and has conducted a comprehensive research programme involving surveys and consultation events.

You can read The Music Commission’s final report, Retuning Our Ambitions for Music Learning: Every Child Taking Music Further here –