New research reveals perilous state of Music Education and calls on Government to let every child learn music

The Musicians’ Union (MU), supported by the MIA and UK Music, have launched State of Play, a comprehensive report into the state of music education, following extensive research led by Dr Jonathan Savage (Manchester Metropolitan University) and David Barnard (MU Music Education Official).

The report – based on the responses of over a thousand instrumental teachers, classroom teachers and music managers – provides more evidence that there are serious continuing issues around the provision of a comprehensive and quality offer of music education for all children across England.

The MU, the MIA and UK Music are calling on Government to let every child learn music. The Government must accept that the cumulative effect of education policies over the past nine years has been detrimental to how music education is delivered to and accessed by children and young people. Current music education provision is leaving children from low income households behind.

We are keen to work with the Department of Education (DfE) and Arts Council England (ACE) to ensure that the issues raised and recommendations made are incorporated into the next National Plan for Music Education (NPME).

Members of the public are being urged to take action by writing to their MPs in support of the recommendations made in the State of Play report and signing up as MU Supporters for free.

Paul McManus, Chief Executive, MIA, said:

“This excellent research reveals the sad decline in the support for music in schools. There is a real risk of children missing out on wonderful world of making music. We stand firm with the Musicians’ Union and all our music partners in the continued need to champion the rights of children to have a properly funded music education.”

Read the full report

The Guardian have also picked up on the research, and have published the following article. It reports on how music is in a ‘perilous state’ and is being squeezed out of the curriculum by competing demand. Important reading for all!

School music report reveals cuts, inequality and demoralised teachers

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