June 21st is Global Make Music Day – be a part of it!


Make Music Day UK – always on 21 June – is part of a global grassroots music festival, celebrating all kinds of music in all kinds of spaces, performed by young and old, professional and amateur, beginners and experienced musicians…

Unique to this global celebration is that anyone can perform or take part, all events are free and, wherever possible, are in public spaces and streamed online. Started in 1982 as Fête de la Musique, there are now 19,000 events in France with two thirds of the population involved, and it has expanded to over 120 countries, from China to Argentina, Australia to Nigeria.

This event is a DIY celebration that needs YOU to make it happen

Make Music Day is a great opportunity to promote your shop, business, venue or musical activity and reach new customers, audiences and members.

It’s the UK’s biggest single-day music event with 1,600 free performances expected, and an audience of over 300,000!

 The global rules are:
  • It happens on 21st June
  • It’s free to the public
Why would you get involved?

An excellent opportunity for:

  • Getting more and new people making or experiencing music
  • Showcasing the work you do
  • Targetting people who are not actively involved in music, celebrating music and the social value of joining in
  • Helping foster social connections in your community
  • Raising the profile of your work through the Make Music Day map where it will be picked up by the promotion team

What could you do?

  • Perform in a public space: bring your music to the people to discover
  • Organise a ‘come and try…’: can you get newcomers involved?
  • Go rural: how remote can you get? Film your performance if there’s only sheep around to witness it!
  • Go viral: no time to organise a public event? Try live-streaming from your usual space.

Events don’t need to be huge and complicated – they can simply be an open rehearsal, a singing assembly, a jam in the park, a live streamed performance. There’s loads of resources on our website to get people started including a range of toolkits, marketing templates and musical resources.

Retailers – this is an opportunity for you to be visible in your community; why not contact some local musicians and put on a gig for the public outside your shop? You’d be surprised by how many people don’t know you’re there!

Suppliers & Manufacturers – you can also promote your brand through Make Music Day. Last year, music suppliers lent equipment such as PAs and instruments to local events in return for branding opportunities.

Go to www.makemusicday.co.uk: you can register, find inspiration and toolkits

Get in touch if you have any questions or would like to discuss an idea!