Roland R-07 update brings Multiple Unit Control and USB Mic Capabilities


New Version 1.1 update lets users control and monitor up to four R-07 units over Bluetooth and turns the R-07 into a high-quality USB microphone and audio interface

Roland releases a firmware update for the R-07 High-Resolution Audio Recorder and its companion remote-control app, bringing newly expanded functionality that’s ideal for videographers, web broadcasters, field recordists, journalists, and other users.

The R-07 already includes Bluetooth® for remote operation and features Bluetooth-capable audio streaming enhanced with Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency audio technology. Using the free R-07 Remote app on an iOS or Android mobile device, users can wirelessly manage R-07 functions and monitor status and levels while the R-07 is placed in a prime recording location.

With the new Version 1.1 firmware, it’s now possible to control up to four individual R-07 units at one time. This makes it easy for users to capture multiple sources at once, record a single source from different angles, or capture redundant recordings of important events. Each R-07 records its own audio source to an internal microSD card via its high-quality onboard stereo microphone, an external mic, or a line-level device.

From the updated R-07 Remote app on a tablet, phone, or Apple Watch, users can operate transport controls, recall scenes, view input levels, manage markers, and more on up to four R-07 units. The app shows an overview of each recorder with status and level meters, and individual units can be controlled more deeply with a simple tap. It’s also possible to simultaneously control recording and other functions on all units as a linked group.

Another valuable feature added with Version 1.1 is the ability to use the R-07 as a high-quality USB microphone, audio interface, and headphone amplifier for audio/video software on computers and compatible iOS devices. This vastly improves the audio quality of iPhone video productions, and eliminates multiple pieces of gear when producing computer-based podcasts and live-streamed broadcasts.

The R-07 Version 1.1 update is a free download for all R-07 owners.

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