Furch Guitars Introduces New Exotic Models from Padauk


Furch Guitars (Furch), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of premium quality guitars, is adding two new models to its Yellow Plus line of acoustic guitars. The new offerings feature a back and sides made from padauk, a bright red tonewood that gives both instruments an attractive exotic look and beautifully balanced sound with slightly enhanced chiming highs.

The Furch Yellow Plus SP and CP models are available with a top made from high-grade Sitka spruce or western red cedar. The excellent acoustic properties of these tonewoods are enhanced by soundboard voicing, a proprietary technique fine-tuned during many years of research and development. The back and sides are made from bright red padauk, which gives the two models gorgeous warm appearance and a balanced sound that is especially popular among fingerstyle players.

“We have been using padauk in the manufacture of our guitars for many years, mostly for appointments, such as binding and rosette inlays, as well as for the back and sides on our custom models. Personally, I often recommend this tonewood because of its highly balanced acoustic properties,” explains Furch Guitars CEO Petr Furch, adding that padauk is a difficult material to work with, “Padauk cracks very easily, which complicates the bending process during the making of the sides. However, we have developed a method that facilitates working with this tonewood, thanks to which we have been able to add padauk models to our Yellow Plus line of guitars.”

The body of the Furch Yellow Plus SP and CP models is protected by Furch’s proprietary Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish developed to enhance the resonance qualities of tonewoods. The bridge, fingerboard, and headstock overlay are made from ebony, and the neck from African mahogany. The beauty of the woods is underscored by discreet appointments that include a rosette with double concentric rings and green abalone inlays, koa binding with a white contrasting line, and white mother-of-pearl fingerboard fine eclipse inlays.

The Furch Yellow Plus SP and CP models are fitted with high-quality Schaller M6 Silver machine heads with polished ebony buttons and a highly precise 1:18 gear ratio. The guitars come with a heavy-duty Hiscox hardshell case.