Ivory – the update

As you know, our industry successfully lobbied and attained an exemption to allow continued trade in vintage instruments containing ivory. We are currently working with the government to establish and clarify the actual process of being able to do this (expected at end of this year)…

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The government is now calling on our industry to clarify the levels of usage in so-called “ivory substitute materials” (ie non-elephant)

 In their words:

“We have launched a call for evidence seeking to gain further understanding about the trade in ivory from the common hippopotamus, common warthog, desert warthog, killer whale, mammoth, narwhal and walrus. It will run for 12 weeks.

We are particularly interested to hear from those with specialist knowledge of the conservation of and the trade in ivory from these species, from antique dealers and collectors, the musical instrument industry, and any other interested parties. You can find the link here.

Evidence provided through this call for evidence will help inform what, if any, action needs to be taken to further restrict the trade in ivory from one or more of these species so that their survival is not threatened by the trade in ivory. Any proposals would of course be subject to public consultation.”

If you do use any of these materials, please take a few minutes to complete the survey, it will help us in the next stages of the lobby.

Many thanks in advance,

Paul, MIA – paulmc@mia.org.uk

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