The MIA welcome back currency partner, SGM-FX!


We have worked with SGM over many years and are delighted to welcome them back as the MIA’s exclusive currency partner. We know from the many members that have used them that they offer great deals and a brilliant service, no job is too big or too small. Why not give them a try!

SGM-FX is proud to be partnering with the Music Industries Association once again to enhance the affordability, ease and opportunity presented by cross border payments. Our dedicated team keeps watch over the movements of foreign exchange markets with you in mind to support you with your FX exposures. SGM-FX’s senior desk members Charles Porter and Richard Picton-Turbervill jointly manage MIA members so you’re in good hands.

An idea from us: Trump claims the Euro is unfairly undervalued; the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development’s statistics agree to the tune of 22%; the Big-Mac Index concurs. They’re all wrong. Systemic economic and political risks have led the Euro to trade at a value as low as 1.11 US Dollars. So, with three tests of this price floor, Trump’s vitriol and official figures concurring with an undervalued Euro, markets have boosted the price of a Euro by more than 2% in the last two weeks.

But they’re all wrong! The President’s words won’t ultimately sit well with markets and only make it more likely that the US pushes back against European efforts for a trade agreement. What’s more is that the momentum behind economic and political disharmony is building, not shrinking. So, now is the time to take some profit on Dollars against the Euro and buy them whilst they’re cheaper.

We’ll always have an actionable view, whatever currencies you wish to purchase and whenever you want to purchase them and we’ll always be on your side.

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