Danelectro ‘The Eisenhower’ Octave Fuzz and ‘The Breakdown’ Gain/Boost now available


Danelectro has always been a cult favourite amongst musicians who can now enjoy reinstated classic guitar tones from the late 60’s with ‘The Eisenhower Fuzz’ and ‘The Breakdown’ Gain/Boost… 

With subtle dings on the metal cases, both pedals look super cool with scuffed paint and faded control knobs, just like they’ve been on the same pedalboard for decades delivering timeless, in-your-face, analogue rock tones.

 ‘The Eisenhower Fuzz’                                                                                              
With updated circuitry that includes ‘amped up’ gain and additional 2 band EQ, The Eisenhower Fuzz, is based on one of the greatest octave fuzz pedals ever built. 

With a dynamic range that extends from over-the-top ‘splatty fuzz’ to massive cutting-edge chords, guitar players won’t be able to resist leaning back and pointing to the sky as The Eisenhower effortlessly adds top octaves and sweet harmonics and punchy mids to long sustaining bends. Or flip the ‘Flat/Sculpt mini toggle switch to scoop out the mids and boost the low end for an even fatter fuzz tone. 

‘The Breakdown’ Gain/Boost: 

A simple off-set two control layout, is all that’s required for The Breakdown to bring to mind those memorable, unprocessed, analogue guitar sounds heard on famous rock albums from the late 60’s. 

With the volume control acting as a master, a six-position ‘Break Up’ rotary ups the output. Positions 1-3 offer an irresistible ‘don’t ever turn it off,’ whilst tone-chasers the world over will adore positions 4-6 alone, for The Breakdown’s ability to go from mid-grit to higher settings akin to towering stacks at full tilt. 

Both pedals respond and perform exceptionally well at any point throughout the guitar’s volume control sweep, whilst still tailored with enough sonic flexibility to scratch the itch of any tone connoisseur. 

Danelectro clear all the hurdles with these vintage inspired pedals in their wear and tear formats, both with soft action foot switches and funky, large orange lens on/off indicators. Complete with suede carry bag. 

Danelectro: The Eisenhower Octave Fuzz £149 rrp. Includes suede carry bag 

Danelectro: The Breakdown Gain/Boost. £149 rrp Includes suede carry bag. 

Danelectro products are distributed exclusively in the UK, ROI and France by JHS.