Hollywood Music – the end of an era


You may have heard the sad news that Hollywood Music has ceased trading. Here is a message from Jon Evans reflecting on his time in music retail, and with the details for the auction of all their remaining stock…

Hello. I’m very sorry to tell you that Hollywood Music has now ceased trading. The current economic climate has devastated high street sales with many people cutting back on their spending for even essential items. You probably see from the news how many retail businesses are failing, whatever their size. We are one more of those casualties.

We’ve had a good run though, with loads of fantastic instruments and customers passing through the shop. We really appreciate your loyalty over the years and hope you can find an alternative source for your musical needs.

Take a look at our Facebook page and all the kind comments that have been left for us. Add one yourself if you feel inclined!

Finally, some shops blame the internet for their woes! Well I don’t. We have done quite well online with our website and Reverb.com channel but even those have seen a drop in sales in the past six months. If you don’t mind me getting a little bit political, the state of the economy, thanks to Brexit, is the real culprit.

You will be able to buy some great stuff at fantastic prices at the online auction being run by Eddisons until 6PM WEDNESDAY 24 JULY 2019

Check it out here.