Music Incite: Music education technology survey


Technology-based music education (for all) is viewed as an opportunity to strengthen the relationship between suppliers (instrument distributors, retailers and educators) and their customers (the musicians) who expect a great service and experience.  On the supply side, the opportunity is to offer high-value, highly scalable services with low distribution costs via the Internet.

Music education technologies are deemed to play an essential role from 2020, at least in the UK.  While government focus is on schools and universities, MusicIncite believe such technologies, coupled with interactive content made available via the Internet, can greatly assist musicians far and wide, young and old, starting out or returning to music, from hobbyists to professionals.

This survey hopes to widely investigate the applicability of music education technology to the issues musicians experience as they strive to improve in their learning, practicing, exploring or teaching music.  With wide enough participation, the survey can determine their wants and needs, what devices they want to use, their preferred types of content, and stimulate their imagination into what kind of amazing benefits music education technology could provide for them.

The results will be shared freely and openly to the industry (including MIA members and Musicians Union) and all participants.

Please encourage your customers to participate, where appropriate, so the statistics are more significant

MusicIncite Ltd was founded in August 2013 with a long-held passion that everyone deserves the opportunity to unlock their musical potential, simply and affordably.  To this end, we have been developing emuso™, the pioneering music education resource, designed to help all music students, teachers and performers with their practice, learning and teaching needs.

Our website,, goes public on Sep 1. The v1 release for Windows and MacOS is due Sep 30, 2019.

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