‘Shop Sharing’ – food for thought!

Today, we’d like to bring you a story straight from the high-street of the little town of Horsham, where the MIA office is based. This story about two local small businesses deciding to shop share caught our eye. A creative approach taken by an independent ladies clothing and accessories retailer has seen them team up with a home furnishing store for a unique shop share – definitely food for thought!

Here is the original article written by our local paper, The District Post:

Ladies clothing and accessories retailer Covet has joined forces with Martha’s Barn in a unique shop share.

This permanent agreement between two town favourites keeps Covet on our high street after owner Lyn planned to move her store out of Horsham due to the high rates she was having to pay on the original property.

When asked about the agreement and how it came about, Lyn is full of praise for how the Martha’s barn team helped her, “I was in the process of transferring stock to my Brighton store when they guys asked what was happening, I told them I was having to go due to the cost and that’s when they proposed I shop share with them.”

A meeting was soon organised, “Nicki and I hit it off right away, we agreed on the idea instantly. I’m so happy to be staying in such a vibrant town with such great people.”

Despite it being early days in this new relationship, Nikki from Martha’s barn says, “The feedback has been amazing and the addition of Covet to our shop has been such a good move. Our footfall has increased as a result and now you can cover two bits of shopping in one.”

In a time when retail is under the microscope it is great to see two local business pulling together.

We wish them all the best in this exciting joint venture.

Source: http://www.thedistrictpost.co.uk/ two-local-businesses-shop-share/


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