In Memoriam: Groove Tubes’ Founder Aspen Pittman, 1948-2019


We bring you the sad news of the passing of Aspen Pittman. Many of you will know him as the founder of Groove Tubes.

Front Of House Magazine has reported the following:

Aspen Pittman, the legendary founder of Groove Tubes and Aspen Pittman Designs, passed away August 10, 2019, as the result of injuries suffered from an automobile crash in Southern California the day before. He was 70.

Aspen Pittman’s designs for guitar amplifiers, live and studio microphones, vacuum tubes and the M-S principle Center Point Stereo technology (US patent #6219426) for guitar speakers have been lauded by top engineers, producers and musicians for nearly 40 years. He also won the prestigious Microphone of the Year TEC Award for one of his innovative microphone designs. Pittman’s best-selling and now classic Tube Amp Book has sold more than 140,000 copies worldwide.

No plans for a memorial service have been announced. Pittman is survived by his adult daughter Autumn Pittman and will be missed by countless fans and many friends throughout the industry. He will not be forgotten.


Dan Del Fiorentino, the Music Historian for NAMM who heads the industry’s Oral History programme has released the following statement: 

“I am so sorry to report that Aspen Pittman was killed yesterday in an automobile accident.

The friendships and the music he made will remain with us as reminders of this very special person.

He grew up in the 1960s as a student of the folk music movement. He studied the art form and performed on every type of string instrument there was to play. During high school he and a buddy got a job delivering organs for a retailer that was just about to open a rock and roll retail shop called Guitar Center. Aspen joined the company within the first six months of its opening and remained in retail until 1973 when he became a sales rep for Acoustic Corp. Over the next several years he outlined goals for his own company, which opened in 1979 called Groove Tubes.  He provided innovative products ever since.

Here are segments from his two NAMM Oral History interviews:

For his 2016 follow up interview, Aspen allowed us to use his studio for several other interviews, which made it very easy for us. I could tell he really enjoyed the day, seeing friends he hadn’t seen in years. At the end of the day we hugged and he said “I sure love this industry!”

Rest In Peace my friend.”