Making your music shop more accessible

13.9 million people in the UK identify as disabled, that’s why it’s worth integrating accessibility into your business activity. Not only will it ensure you’re accommodating to as many people as possible, but it can also help attract new customers and maintain customer loyalty.

Our partners at Take it Away have developed an accessibility guide for retailers which is designed to give you the confidence to make your shop, website, and promotional activity accessible and inclusive for all. 

In this extract, they explore what it takes to make a retail premises more accessible for your customers…

When assessing music retailers for Take it away membership, we always check the extent to which their shop is clean, tidy and well-lit, and how well equipped they are to accommodate visitors with access requirements. There are a few ways that you can make a customer’s visit to your shop a comfortable and enjoyable experience:

  • Ensure areas open to the public are always free from trip hazards
  • Keep heavy doors propped open
  • Keep your shop space step-free with the aid of hired ramps or lifts
  • Allow plenty of space to enable wheelchair users to manoeuvre freely in the shop
  • Use signage to provide clear directions and aid navigation throughout the shop
  • Ensure the shop is well-lit to aid visitors with visual impairments
  • Ensure contact payment machines can be removed from their cases
  • Provide seating to enable people to rest when visiting your shop
  • Provide accessible toilets with a hoist and red alarm cord
  • Provide water bowls for service animals

22% of the UK population identify as disabled (13.9 million people)

95% of disabled people search a venue’s accessibility info online before visiting

£267 million is lost every month by inaccessible high street shops

Download the full accessibility guide here


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