Summer NAMM news from Fender


Here is a round-up of the exciting Fender launches that debuted at Summer NAMM this year:

Fender showcases vintage-inspired Vintera Series alongside all-new Artists Signature Series Electric Guitar models at Summer NAMM 2019

Lincoln Brewster, Britt Daniel (Spoon) Signature Guitars Revealed, Added to Fender’s Ever-Growing Artist Signature Series Lineup

 Fender Musical Instruments Corporation announced the expansion of its acclaimed artist signature electric guitar offerings at Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville, Tenn. Catering to seasoned players across genres, new additions include the Britt Daniel Signature Telecaster® Thinline and Lincoln Brewster Signature Stratocaster®. These artist signature releases come off the heels of Fender’s introduction of the Vintera Series, an all-new, accessibly priced line of electric guitars and basses delivering an authentic look and feel of the `50s, `60s and `70s.

Fender continues to expand its ever-growing collection of guitars, basses, and amplifiers each year, with the latest additions including the Britt Daniel Signature Telecaster Thinline and Lincoln Brewster Signature Stratocaster, launching in the Fall and Summer of 2019, respectively. In addition to these two all-new models, the Justin Meldal-Johnson Bass will be released in Black; the Tony Franklin Fretless Precision Bass® will now be offered in Lake Placid Blue with a matching headstock; the Jim Atkins JA-90 Telecaster Thinline will be released in Arctic White; and the Troy Van Leeuwen Jazzmaster® will be refreshed in Copper.

“Spoon is one of the most critically acclaimed rock bands of the last 20 years,” said Justin Norvell, SVP Fender Products. “You hear a song and you know it’s Spoon; and when you hear the guitar parts, you know it’s Britt Daniel playing, which I think is one of the greatest hallmarks of a guitarist – having a unique and identifiable style. Britt had been playing two different guitars, an old American Deluxe and a Fender Custom Shop Nocaster Thinline, and this Artist Signature model is a clever fusing of those two guitars together. We’re also launching a signature model with Lincoln Brewster, who is an amazing guitar player in his own right. He knows what he wants in a guitar and the level of specificity and detail he poured into the process during these three years of development has been incredible. This modernistic Stratocaster is truly designed by a player, for the player.”

These highly collectible Artist Signature models, include:

  • BRITT DANIEL SIGNATURE TELECASTER THINLINE – £1,899 (Launching September 2019) embodies Daniel’s precision-punk guitar style that has fuelled Spoon to indie-rock superstardom over the course of the band’s 20-plus year career. Stunning in a custom Amarillo Gold lacquer finish, the Britt Daniel Tele Thinline guitar’s lightweight semi-hollow ash body resonates sweetly, while sacrificing none of the Telecaster guitar’s signature steely clarity—thanks to its Fender Custom Shop pickups and an S-1™ switch that allows you to change instantly between series and parallel pickup wiring. The one-piece “Deep C” maple neck shape fits comfortably in the hand and the 9.5”-radius fingerboard and medium-jumbo frets allow for fast playing and choke-free bending. Other features include Fender ClassicGear™ tuning machines, an electro socket output jack and Elite moulded hardshell case.
  • LINCOLN BREWSTER SIGNATURE STRATOCASTER £1,869 (Launching August 2019) features an ash body and striking Aztec Gold lacquer finish, the Lincoln Brewster Stratocaster is a true modern classic, combining timeless body contours and a vintage neck shape with updated features like a compound-radius fingerboard, 2-point tremolo with bent-steel saddles and a pop-in arm. A trio of single-coil pickups — two DiMarzio® Area 58™ pickups in the neck and middle positions, and a DiMarzio Area 61™ at the bridge — offer vintage tones with zero hum. The “Soft V” maple neck with nitrocellulose lacquer finish and the maple fingerboard’s 22 medium-jumbo frets are built for speed and comfort. An onboard active boost activated via the push/pull volume control, and custom mid-boost, controlled by the Tone 1 knob, give this guitar extra power and focus for any musical situation. This feature-rich guitar also has classic aesthetic touches like chrome hardware, aged white plastic knobs, a 1-ply Eggshell pickguard and vintage-style locking tuners.

For Artist Signature product descriptions of each model, click here; and product images, click here.

The Vintera Series is a line of vintage-inspired electric guitar and bass models that embody a period-specific vibe, including: the Stratocaster®, Telecaster®, Jaguar®, Mustang®, Jazzmaster®, Jazz Bass®, Precision Bass® and Mustang Bass. Each model delivers the authentic look and feel of its era, as well as decade-specific tones from the `50s, `60s and `70s.

“The Vintera Series is really resonating at a time when people are looking for and craving authenticity,” Norvell said. “The series is built for today’s players and music, but also harkens back to a vintage era. These guitars and basses are head and shoulders above the Classic Series they’ve replaced in spec, fit and finish – a testament to how we’re continually raising the bar.”

Fender’s Vintera Series models feature authentic specs from decades past, such as period-correct neck shapes, new pickups with decade-specific tones and a wider breadth of vintage colours, including: Mocha, Fiesta Red, Seafoam Green, Inca Silver, Burgundy Mist and Ice Blue Metallic. For nearly every decade correct model, there’s also a counterpart “modded” version that offers fresh features not available at the time of first release.

To learn more about the Fender Vintera Series, watch the launch video here. To learn more about the Vintera Series including detailed product/spec descriptions, click here.  For a step-by-step breakdown and demo of the Vintera Series, click here.

Fender expands American Acoustasonic Telecaster Lineup with Exotics Series at Summer NAMM 2019 

Fender Incorporates Rich, Acoustic Tone Woods into New American Acoustasonic Telecaster Exotics Including Koa, Zircote, and Cocobolo

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) – in response to popular demand for the American Acoustasonic™ Telecaster® – announced further details regarding the series’ expansion to include new limited-edition models created… designed… with rich, acoustic tone wood combinations. The American Acoustasonic Exotics Series, which will be on display at Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville, Tenn., expands the concept of the critically acclaimed American Acoustasonic Telecaster from an elite tool to a distinct work of modern innovative craftsmanship.

The Exotics Series elevates the American Acoustasonic Telecaster and adds the sought-after tonality, warmth and feel that traditional acoustic woods bring to the table. Using the rare Koa, Zircote, and Cocobolo woods to craft each unique guitar in the Exotics series – it’s a natural progression for Fender to introduce the same appointments to the Acoustasonic platform. The Exotics embody Fender’s commitment to creating the highest quality instrument possible, taking the Acoustasonic platform and adding the warmth and beauty of legendary acoustic tone woods. All of this culminates in a guitar that is both tonally nuanced and visually bold.

“We’re proud to introduce the limited edition American Acoustasonic Exotics and continue to build upon the success of the Acoustasonic,” said Billy Martinez, Fender VP Category Manager, Acoustic and Squier Divisions. “The acoustic category at Fender is constantly evolving and we remain committed to innovating and growing our product line. Working with traditional, acoustic tonewoods to diversify the Acoustasonic family demonstrates our commitment to the category and our customers who want a high-quality instrument with bold style.”

The American Acoustasonic represents the next era in Fender craftsmanship and innovation – designed for fearless artists who want an inspiring instrument with a diverse set of guitar sounds and that signature Fender feel. This hybrid Telecaster is acoustic and electric when you need it, unlocking diverse sonic expression from the studio to the stage – all in one guitar.

It also embodies the spirit of purposeful innovation that Fender was built on. From acoustic shape-shifting to electric rhythm tones, this powerful guitar uses a revolutionary Fender and Fishman®- designed Acoustic Engine to deliver new sonic expression from the studio to the stage. Handcrafted in Corona, Calif., at the same factory that makes Fender’s iconic electric instruments, the Acoustasonic Telecaster Exotics series takes the dynamics of these rare tone woods and translates those nuances into expanded sonic richness. Launching July 30, expanded models from Fender’s American Acoustasonic Telecaster will be available in Cocobolo, Zircote and Koa woods (£2,999 – £3,499).

For product descriptions of each model, click here; and product images, click here.

Fender offers extensive tonal possibilities for Guitar Players with six new pedals, including first acoustic effects offering 

Available October 2019, New Effects Pedals Join Fender’s Family of Fifteen Original Circuits Designed By In-House Experts

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced yet another extension of its popular effects pedal line as the demand for musical tools of self-expression continues to grow. Debuting at Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville, Tenn. Fender is offering more tonal possibilities than ever with the introduction of six all-new models that work for a wide array of artists, including: Pour Over Envelope Filter, Smolder Acoustic Overdrive, Compugilist, The Trapper Fuzz, MGT-LA Tube Distortion, and Reflecting Pool Delay/Reverb. Priced from £129 to £259, these additions provide players looking to enhance their sound and expand their tone a wide variety of expressive options.

Designed in Southern California, these new Fender pedals were engineered with insight from professional gigging and studio musicians, artists and some of the industry’s best minds. At the helm is in-house expert Stan Cotey, who spent 25 years in professional audio, as well as 13 years designing and engineering many of Fender’s digital and tube guitar amplifiers; he leads a team of engineers that are behind some of Fender’s most innovative modern pedals and amplifiers.

“When we launched our first six pedals in 2018, we knew we’d be taking bold steps in the world of creating tone,” said Richard Bussey, Director of Product Development – Accessories and Consumer Electronics. “With the launch of the next six Fender Effects pedals, we’re going even further with our most innovative and exciting offering to-date. There’s something for everyone.”

Fender’s in-house team of experts designed each original circuit, crafted using lightweight, durable anodized aluminum for stage ready durability. The Amp Jewel LED gives players’ pedalboards the classic Fender look while the switchable LED-backlit knobs show control settings on a dark stage at a glance. These six all-new effects pedals all have enhanced feature sets that provide players with maximum tonal possibilities; they include:

  • REFLECTING POOL (£259) The relationship between time-based effects, like delay and reverb, is critical to operating them correctly. The Reflecting Pool Delay/Reverb is a true stereo pedal that combines these two classic effects into one comprehensive chassis, making it easy to integrate into any pedalboard. Utilizing cutting-edge DSP for rich and complex algorithms, Reflecting Pool faithfully recreates classic sounds, while also conjuring otherworldly new ones. Type, Variation and Quality controls make it easy to precisely shape your sound, the Time toggle adds rhythmic subdivisions, and the Tap Tempo footswitch makes sure everything stays in time.
  • POUR OVER (£129) features a unique spin on the traditional envelope filter—also known as an auto-wah—the Pour Over envelope filter has a few tricks hidden up its sleeve. Not only does it react to picking dynamics, but Fender’s pedal engineers also added an onboard distortion circuit with dedicated controls that can be toggled to punch things up a bit. The comprehensive control set also includes selectable High-Pass, Low-Pass and Band-Pass filter types, as well as sweep direction control so a player can tailor the sound precisely for your musical needs.
  • SMOLDER (£129) Fender’s first-ever effect pedal designed for the acoustic artist, the all-analog Smolder Acoustic Overdrive provides a convincing amped distortion tone for acoustic guitar players using traditional acoustic amps, sound reinforcement systems and recording. To soften the bright attack of a piezo pickup, Fender’s pedal designers included a Pickup Compensation control that smooths out the highs. The Drive knob controls the amount of distortion, while 3-band EQ and filter controls let you shape your sound to taste. Cabinet simulation was even included to add some flavor when plugged into a full-range acoustic amp or PA system.
  • COMPUGILIST (£129) Compression and distortion are the one-two punch for every guitar players rig. We combined those two essential effects into one pedalboard-friendly chassis. The two discrete, all-analog effects are independently switchable, allowing you to use them solo or stacked. The straightforward controls make it easy to dial in your sound to taste.
  • THE TRAPPER FUZZ (£129) Fuzz is a guitar player essential. Ranging from smooth and polite to sputtering and broken-sounding, this effect is the heart of rock and roll. The Trapper combines two discrete fuzz voices into one chassis with global Tone and Contour controls to shape your sound to taste. The softer-sounding first voice includes a switchable high octave—perfect for generating synth-like tones—while the grittier second voice includes a highly interactive noise gate.
  • MTG: LA (£159) Few things are as satisfying as the real-deal, tube distortion sound of glowing glass. Vacuum tubes are responsible for the tones you fell in love with, and the MTG: LA is a tube distortion pedal based around a genuine, U.S.-made NOS 6205 preamp tube. Tone, Bass, Treble and Tight controls make it easy to shape your sound, while the distinctly Fender footswitch-able Boost adds volume, gain or both to make your solos stand out.The MTG:LA’s voicing differs from the original MTG. The LA version has more bass response, and a different texture to the distortion, and also features an additional Tone control rather than the MTG’s Mid control.

Fender’s new effect pedals will be available in 2019 at local dealers and on To learn more about Fender’s effect pedals and for product descriptions of each model, click here. For series product images, click here.

Fender Tone Master series delivers authentic tube amp sound, brings iconic Fender Amps into Digital Domain 

Introduces Refreshed Champion 100XL with Edgier Sound, Black-on-Black Aesthetic At Summer NAMM 2019

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced expanded amp offerings debuting at Summer NAMM 2019 in Nashville, Tenn.; they include the Tone Master Series – the brand’s most-innovative digital amp designs to-date – as well as a refreshed Champion 100XL with more aggressive tone and sleek black-on-black design.

Tone Master Series models definitively establish what a classic Fender amplifier is supposed to sound like in the digital domain, authentically capturing the iconic Deluxe Reverb® and Twin Reverb® tube amp sound. While the Tone Master Deluxe Reverb and Twin Reverb models have all of the amazing tonal perfection of their tube counterparts, they are half the weight, and are completely modern, next-generation versions with the features today’s players need for on-stage performances and recording.

“It’s an ambitious goal to create a perfect replication of the most revered tube amps in history,” said Max Gutnik, Vice President of Electric Guitars, Basses and Amplifiers at Fender. “It required immense expertise, processing power, innovative thinking and thousands of hours of critical listening. Tone Master amps are as good as the originals. The tone, feel, responsiveness and character are virtually indistinguishable from their tube counterparts. They look the same, they sound the same and they feel the same. We’re very excited for people to hear and feel these incredible amps for themselves.” For detailed product/spec descriptions, click here. Product images can be accessed here.

Also joining the 2019 Fender amplifier’s lineup at Summer NAMM is the Champion 100XL. Designed for players who want an easy-to-use amp packed with unbeatable performance and features, the Champion 100XL contains a wide selection of amp models and effects. “Customers liked the enhanced features, sound quality and appearance of the Champion 50XL so much, we wanted to give the Champion 100XL the same aggressive sound, with ‘black-on-black’ cosmetics and Celestion® Midnight 60 speakers, without sacrificing the flexibility or ease of use Champion owners love,” Gutnik said.

The amp also features “stompbox” effects, adding flexibility to the 16 amp tones covering everything from pristine clean to full-on metal distortion. Additionally, 16 classic effects, ranging from reverb and delay to Fender’s own Vibratone, provide players the perfect platform for sonic experimentation. To top it off, the Champion 100XL incorporates two 12” Celestion “Midnight 60” speakers that add tonal fullness, increased output and expressiveness to this versatile amplifier. For Champion 100XL product descriptions, click here; and product images, click here.

Fender’s new amp additions for Summer NAMM include:

  • Tone Master Twin Reverb® – £999 (Launching September 2019)
  • Tone Master Deluxe Reverb® – £869 (Launching September 2019)
  • Champion™ 100XL – £329 (Launching October 2019)

Fender’s new amp offerings will be available at local dealers and on

Fender debuts new, throwback accessories lines, lifestyle collection launching summer 2019 

Fender Honours the Woodstock® 50th Anniversary with an All-New Fender Festival Collection

Fender Musical Instruments Corporation (FMIC) announced additions to its growing accessories and lifestyle products offerings at Summer NAMM in Nashville, Tenn.; new products include a Fender Festival Collection featuring Woodstock®-inspired accessories, as well as string, pick and strap options suited for every guitarist at any stage of their musical journey. New offerings such as the hemp cables and vintage-style Classic Core strings, will help players stand out on stage with an old-school look and feel. Other additions include roasted necks and pre-wired pickguards allowing players the opportunity to easily transform the appearance and tone of their existing guitar or bass.

Also making a Summer NAMM 2019 debut are all-new Fender graphic tees, embroidered baseball hats, printed hoodies, jackets and a Fender “ugly” Christmas knit sweater. New artwork on tees featuring unique Fender designs and prints are sure to make a splash this summer. “From the new camouflage line, to the classic guitar blueprint t-shirts, there’s some fun apparel for all kinds of Fender fans this year. New artwork features the latest Fender offsets to showcase the vast array of unique guitars designed here,” said Dan Heitkemper, VP of Licensing and Product—Lifestyle.

“Summer is here, and we’re excited to introduce a whole new wave of accessories, including our throwback Festival Collection of cables and straps just in time for the 50th anniversary of Woodstock,” said Richard Bussey, Director of Product Development – Accessories and Consumer Electronics. “We’re also celebrating several Fender firsts, including creating the industry’s first hemp instrument cables. Also, for the first time ever, we’re introducing acoustic soundhole pickups, pre-wired pickguards and replacement roasted necks. Our Classic Core strings are our take on vintage Fender strings, by using today’s technology, we are able to recreate yesterday’s tone.”

New 2019 accessories and lifestyle additions, include:


WOODSTOCK® STRAPS, SUMMER 2019 (£14.99) Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the legendary Woodstock Music Festival with these limited-edition instrument straps. Featuring official logos and celebratory artwork, they have a unique vintage feel.

 FENDER 2.5” SUEDE FRINGE FESTIVAL STRAP, SUMMER 2019 (£89.99) Rock in style with this 2.5” brown suede strap, boasting a retro-style fringe that will steal the spotlight. This original Fender design features all-suede construction to reduce backing slippage.

 2” FENDER FESTIVAL STRAPS, SUMMER 2019 (£21.99) These Fender 2” vintage-inspired woven straps feature a decorative mosaic design. The colour schemes replicate straps used by famous Fender artists. These straps are available in red, tan and blue.

 WOODSTOCK® PICK TIN, SUMMER 2019 (£5.99) Celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the legendary Woodstock Music Festival with this limited-edition pick tin. Featuring official celebratory artwork, the tin contains six collectible tie-dyed picks.

 FENDER FESTIVAL INSTRUMENT CABLES, SUMMER 2019 (£25.99-£34.99) Colourful and fun, Fender Festival Instrument Cables are crafted from eco-friendly materials for an authentic, custom-made feel. These cables feature superior sound and custom-moulded ends, along with exclusive, limited-edition style. The spiral shield is constructed from oxygen-free copper for crystal-clear audio.


COMPETITION STRIPE STRAPS, SUMMER 2019 (£19.99) Diligently crafted and eminently durable, Fender’s assortment of 2” nylon guitar straps contribute a dose of personality to any stage setup. These straps are available in Ruby, Silver and Gold.

FENDER WEIGHLESS STRAPS, SUMMER 2019 (£19.99) Now in classic Tweed colours, the Fender WeighLess™ elastic guitar strap takes the weight off players’ shoulders, so they can focus on what’s important – expressing their creativity. Sporting inimitable Fender style, this unique strap was designed by players, for players, with exceptional comfort in mind.

CLASSIC SERIES CASE STAND, SUMMER 2019 (£219-289) Available in Tweed and Black, Fender Classic Series Case Stands are a great way to display and protect multiple instruments. This case stand looks like a traditional case, but easily turns into a stage-worthy guitar stand. Crafted with road-reliable materials, this 3-ply hard-shell wooden case boasts a vinyl-wrapped steel carry handle and steel latches. The soft, crushed- acrylic plush interior lining ensures your guitars remain scratch and damage-free.

CYPRESS SINGLE-COIL ACOUSTIC PICKUP, SUMMER 2019 (£44.99) Designed by pickup guru Tim Shaw and engineered specifically for use with bronze guitar strings, the Cypress single-coil acoustic pickup brings new life to acoustic performances. This proprietary ceramic-magnet design features a Fender innovation: the Field Diffuser, which tempers the magnetic field around the treble strings for sweet high end and balanced output across the strings. Includes a 15’ cable with ¼” plug.

MESQUITE HUMBUCKING ACOUSTIC PICKUP, SUMMER 2019 (£89.99) Players can add some heat to their acoustic performance with the Mesquite humbucking sound hole pickup. Designed by Tim Shaw, it’s engineered specifically for use with bronze guitar strings. The stack-coil design is compact and features individually adjustable pole pieces so players can personalize the output of each string. Ceramic magnets offer nuanced tonality and transparency that lets the guitar’s voice shine.

 PRE-WIRED PICKGUARDS, SUMMER 2019 (£149-£319) Players can customize their tone with the Pre-Wired Stratocaster® pickguards. Made with premium components in the same factory as Fender’s iconic guitars, this drop-in pickguard is easy to install. Simply remove the old guard, solder the output jack and ground wires, screw in the new guard and you’re ready to rock with pure Fender sound.

ROASTED REPLACEMENT NECKS, SUMMER 2019 (£289-£299) There’s no denying the allure of a roasted neck. Resistant to humidity shifts and featuring a gorgeous, dark finish, they have more sustain and add a unique note to the instrument’s voice. These genuine Fender necks are crafted at our Ensenada, Mexico manufacturing facility.

FENDER ORIGINAL TUNERS, SUMMER 2019 (£12.99) Engineered for players who need a compact, reliable and accurate tuning system, the Fender Original Tuner delivers on all of these criteria—plus a shot of signature style. The powerful vibration-based tuning engine ensures dependable precision, while the bright LCD screen with 360° angle-adjustable swivel is easy-to-read in any performance environment. These tuners are available in Surf Green, Fiesta Red and Daphne Blue.

CLASSIC CORE STRINGS, SUMMER 2019 (£7.99-£11.99) Fender Classic Core electric strings go straight to the heart of classic tone for modern guitar. Designed with “vintage-spec” round core wire rather than the modern hexagonal type, Classic Core strings sound and feel perfectly seasoned as soon as they are put on the guitar. They deliver more expansive lows, softer highs and extra flexibility for expressive bends.

DURA-TONE PICKS, SUMMER 2019 (£3.99) Players can add colour to their sound with these durable Delrin picks, available in classic Fender colours, with a matte finish for improved grip. Long-lasting and durable, Delrin has a stiffer feel than celluloid, which gives a strong, well-defined attack to every stroke. Connecting to our past, these picks are stylized in the gauges and classic Fender naming conventions.


  • METEORA T-SHIRT (£17.99)
  • PLAY IT LOUD T-SHIRT (£17.99)
  • PLAY IT LOUD HOODIE (£39.99)
  • PRACTICE T-SHIRT (£17.99)
  • CAMO COACH’S JACKET (£49.99)
  • UNITED SLOUCH HAT (£19.99)

 Fender’s new accessories and lifestyle items will be available at local dealers and on Summer 2019. To learn more about Fender’s accessories and for complete product descriptions of each, click here. For product images, click here. For lifestyle product images, click here.