The world’s first 5G music lesson: highlights video


Music making history was made with a world first partnership between our industry, our industry charity and the wider world of technology. We now have a new video which shows the highlights of this amazing evening…

Back on the 27th June, Jamie Cullum held a music lesson and performance in London with his band, who were live via 5G from Bristol and Birmingham and had never played together before! This was a world first initiative brought to you by the UK’s Music for All Charity; the charity of our industry.

Here is a short edited video showing the highlights of this amazing event, which demonstrated how technology can remove barriers to learning. The advent of 5G technology will ultimately deliver super low-latency (i.e. low delay) connectivity everywhere, enabling an Internet of Skills where skills can be shared with others wherever they may live, work and play.

This technology will help to bring together music teachers and aspiring musicians, despite their locations, which is what happened at this global first.

We look forward to further exploring the possibilities of 5G in music education!


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