Red Chilli Audio introduce a range of Flamed Maple electric hollow body jazz style guitars


Red Chilli Audio are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Isuzi Mi-SB, MI-BL and M1-BK Flamed Maple electric hollow body jazz style guitars…

Each guitar has a great look to it with there being a Flamed Maple in blue, black and cherry sunburst.

Each guitar has really nice block inlays and a nice chunky neck plus stunning flamed maple body.

Director Steve Helm said ”We are really proud to see these come alongside the other Isuzi products and a great addition to the family of Isuzi products. There are a lot of things going on in development currently and we are working with multiple manufacturers to offer a wide range of products with exceptional value, quality and innovation and just trying to do things a little differently as we feel you need to do and help stimulate the market place with exciting new products”

For more information please go to: or contact Red Chilli Audio on 0113 457 5222 or