Red Chilli Audio Introduce The Isuzi GA-25 – A 25W Electro acoustic Guitar Amplifier


Red Chilli Audio are pleased to announce the arrival of the new Isuzi GA-25 Amplifier. The Amplifier is great for electro acoustic guitars, ukuleles and features both UK mains power supply as well as a lithium battery to be truly portable…

The amplifier has both an XLR combi socket as well as a regular jack socket to enable you to put both your guitar and vocals in at the same time plus has an aux in, USB in and Bluetooth as well to control for example your phone.

It does not stop there as the amplifier can remotely control the volume of your Bluetooth devise, stop/start/pause and also skip tracks.

It features Digital delay and reverb as well as EQ and has a speaker mount as well as a guitar strap feature and comes with a matched guitar strap plus it can act as a wedge monitor.

If that were not enough on the rear of the amplifier there is a DI output plus a headphone output so they seem to have thought of everything.

It’s also matched in colour to their Deluxe electro Acoustic guitar so make a great team if combined or great on their own.

Red Chilli Audio Managing Director Steve Helm said ”We worked very closely with the manufacturer on this one, to create a wonderful product with a multitude of uses. I have even taken one home to use for the odd BBQ as it has a right kick and very clean sound with a great range and of course when you plug in a guitar it is so clean and clear due to having the driver and the tweeter in the cabinet it is just a really useful and great addition to have.”

For more information please go to: or contact Red Chilli Audio on 0113 457 5222 or

This is a great new innovative product by ISUZI providing many key features :

  • Rechargeable battery for portability & Mains powered
  • XLR & Line microphone input
  • Strap to carry the amplifier
  • Tone controls: Bass, Trebble delay – Digital effects on 2 channels
  • Bluetooth & AUX input for backing tracks
  • Able to be mounted to speaker stand
  • Quality wooden casing