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Here is some exciting product news from BOSS Pedals, including the opportunity to hear the new BOSS 200 Series in action!

Four new pedals, infinite possibilities 

Discover where the BOSS 200 Series could take your sound…

You’ve read the spec sheets – but the best way to discover how the new BOSS 200 Series could transform your guitar performance is to hear them in action. Check out these four video demos, as we dive deep into the trailblazing features of the DD-200, EQ-200, MD-200 and OD-200 – and reveal the pro tricks of the trade that will help you get the best from these pedals, onstage and in the studio.

 OD-200 Hybrid Drive explained 

With 12 unique modes, hybrid analog/digital circuitry, three-band EQ and pre/post boost, the BOSS OD-200 lets you audition every drive tone in rock ‘n’ roll – or discover your own. Master the basics and go beyond with this video demo, which introduces performance-boosting pro tricks like setting gain staging and using series/parallel configurations.

You can read the OD-200 Gear info here

You can watch the full 200 video series here

MD-200 Modulation explained 

Packing in the best features of the industry-standard BOSS MD-500, the new BOSS MD-200 punches above its weight with 12 modulation modes spanning from modern ambience to vintage pulses, and quickfire operation that lets you shift parameters in the heat of the gig. Discover more with our walk-through video – and dig out the modulation tone you hear in your head.

You can read the MD-200 Gear info here


The BOSS DD series has dominated the delay scene for over three decades. Since the original DD-2 launched back in 1983, technology has marched ever-onwards and pedalboard tastes have changed. But with that one-of-a-kind tone and bombproof operation, a DD pedal is still the heartbeat of every great setup, from stadium-filling acts to the bands digging out their signature sound in the garage. New for 2019, the BOSS DD-3T and DD-8 are the next chapter in the story, offering the delay tones from all your favourite albums and live rigs – plus new features that help you to deliver on the modern gig circuit.

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Plug into the DD-3T and get familiar with an icon that ticks all the time-honoured boxes, from the traditional controls to the unmistakable, round, classic delay ranging from 12.5 to 800ms. Then dig deeper and discover a forward-thinking unit with enhanced functionality for every musical scenario. Even in the heat of the gig, it’s easy to craft ambitious sounds via the onboard Tap Tempo: a new addition that lets you create rhythmic delay effects of up to 800ms with your choice of three beat subdivisions – or connect an external footswitch for even more control. For easier connectivity when sending wet/dry signals to different amps, we’ve also moved the direct output jack next to the main output jack – and don’t miss the Short Loop feature that creates phrase loops, just like the original DD-3’s Hold function.

Explore the DD-32 here



If delay is a cornerstone of your sound, the BOSS DD-8 demands a place on your pedalboard. Raising the spec of the DD-7, this is BOSS’s most advanced compact delay pedal yet, retaining the DNA of the classic DD series but adding more tones, longer delay times, multiple control options and improved connectivity. Turn the dial for instant access to eleven modes, ranging from vintage tape-based echoes to a pitch-shifted shimmer – and don’t miss the machine-gun effects of the new GLT setting. Bring drama to your performance with open-ended, real-time tone-shaping that lets you tap in tempos, manipulate modes like Warp and GLT, or hook up outboard pedals for even greater expression. Be your own orchestra with the built-in 40-second looper mode, and rest assured that you’ll always have the best sound for the job, with three output modes, smart I/O connectivity ready for any application, and glorious widescreen stereo sounds that fill any venue or studio.

Explore the DD-8 here