CITES update

Paul Mc here fresh from a meeting with DEFRA/APHA to discuss CITES matters…


Hopefully you have all seen the wonderful news that our industry successfully lobbied and attained the EXEMPTION for finished Rosewood instruments?

The de-regulation comes into effect on November 26th. (please note that Brazilian Rosewood is not part of this exemption).

DEFRA and APHA tell me that they will be ready for the change and I have asked if there is any advice they would offer on deliveries to ensure it is understood by Border Force that they are de-regulated!


As you know, we successfully lobbied for the exemption to be able to sell older musical instruments containing ivory.

The new bill is expected to come into effect early next year after it has completed a final public consultation.

Ivory substitutes

The government is still exploring what to “do” about potential ivory substitutes (mammoth etc) and we are, once again, lobbying to exempt these materials.

We will bring you more news as we get it.


Many of you will know that small percentages of lead are still often used in brass instruments and drums. Potential EU legislation is threatening to prevent the use of lead. Together with our EU industry partners and many manufacturers, we have submitted documents to the authorities asking for a musical instrument exemption.

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