“Music Education – the HUGE opportunity for our industry” – bringing together the industry and the education sector


The MIA organised “Music Education – the HUGE opportunity for our industry” event last week was a great day which gathered together a wide range of people and created new partnerships between the industry and the education sector…

Our panels inspired attendees with new objectives to support their businesses, ideas for new revenue streams for their companies, and spread the word about the importance of music education and the opportunities for innovation and entrepreneurial thinking that it brings!

Our panels made up of relevant experts discussed issues from the challenges and triumphs in music education and the growth of private providers, to the new frontier and developing new opportunities for the industry.

Thank you to all of our partners and sponsors, and to everyone who attended. We’ve had so much positive feedback that we’ve decided to make this an annual event, and we look forward to putting on another industry forum next year.

If you have any suggestions or ideas for future events, please contact alice@mia.org.uk

For anyone who didn’t attend, we recorded the audio of the panels and will be turning them into a podcast, so that you can listen back. We also have some useful slides from speakers Stephen Greenall of Warwick Music, and Mark Pierce of Youth Music. Please email alice@mia.org.uk if you’d like to see the slides.

Here are some of the most poignant points raised by both our panellists and audience members. These comments particularly reflect how the industry was keen to look to the future and discuss the ways that our businesses can support the next generation of musicians:

“Music creates meaningful, personalised experiences craved by modern consumers. The interest in music amongst consumers, young and old, has never been stronger – now the music industry needs to find new ways to connect to its audience and take advantage of its biggest opportunity yet!” – Steven Greenall, Warwick Music
“One of our greatest assets as an industry is that we actually care about changing lives through music. Let’s capitalise on that! We shouldn’t wait for the government to make a difference, we should see it as a part of our job as private providers to create opportunities to make music” – Paul McManus, MIA
“What if the instrument itself is the barrier to making music? Or the accessibility of your shop? 22% of the UK population identify as disabled (that’s 13.9 million people!). Integrating accessibility into your business activity will help you to attract new customers, secure customer loyalty, and ensure you are reaching the widest possible audience. We should focus on making music more accessible to all.”- Mary-Alice Stack, Creative United
“1.2 million adults are making music each week; this is a huge opportunity. How are you reaching them?” – Barbara Eifler, Making Music
 “We’re a retailer that’s created a real hub for the community, as well as extra income, we get a real sense of pride from creating new musicians” – Alan Barclay, Absolute Music
“We aim to capture kids before they’re told that they’re not musical. It’s incredibly important to us to make a difference” – Scott Monks, Rocksteady Music School.
“It’s about reimagining the music sector and how it works to engage young people” – Mark Pierce, Youth Music.