New P&H Bows website


Have you seen the new P&H bows website:

P&H bows are high quality, affordable carbon fibre and fibreglass bows that you can rehair yourself – for violin, viola, cello and double bass. They are used and recommended worldwide, by teachers and players.

Our new website shows images and details of all P&H bows with measurements and instructions on how to rehair your bow. Find out more about the making of P&H bows and why our bows are a popular choice for players and teachers. P&H bows are durable and consistent and less likely to break under the normal wear and tear of student playing.

Visit the new Rehairing section which shows how 30 years of design have made P&H bows the only bow you can rehair yourself – using our unique rehairing system. This gives your bow a longer life and saves on the cost of a rehair or buying a new bow.

The new website is part of the ongoing development of P&H bows. Stentor Music Co Ltd bought the P&H business from Ray Parkyns, one of the original founders and designers, and is committed to continuing the P&H values of consistent quality and affordability.

P&H bows are available from music retailers throughout the UK. See the Where to Buy section on the website for details of worldwide distributors.