October 24th – The MIA Presents: “Music Education – the HUGE opportunity for our industry”


As our important industry gathering is only 3 weeks away, we want to continue letting you know about the 3 Panels and who we will be hearing from (and asking questions of!) on the day.

But firstly, in spite of all the concerns about funding for Music Education (explained in yesterday’s main story), research by our friends at Youth Music, who are presenting at the event, have some really encouraging research from their “The sound of the next generation” report:

  • 97% of young people listened to music in the last week
  • 69% of young people watched a music video in the last week
  • 64% of young people think they are musical
  • 30% of young people play an instrument
  • 32% of 16-17 years olds consider music to be their favourite activity
  • 23% of young instrumentalists have been taught by a friend or a family member

Matt Griffiths (CEO of Youth Music) concludes: “Music education and the music industry need to come closer together, to align their talent development strategies and ensure a diverse and skilled talent pipeline. This will involve concerted effort and combined resources from organisations that aren’t currently working together”.

 Our conference will start a conversation on how we achieve this, bringing together young people, adults, education, our music industry and the wider community.

So, let talk about Panel 2 which will be moderated by Chris Wright of Music for All:

Panel 2 – The growth of private providers – successes, challenges and opportunities

Scott Monks (Rocksteady Music School)

Alan Barclay (Absolute Music)

Amy Cunningham (The Strings Club)

Somebody else! (to be confirmed)

We will set the scene for the panel before we start with brief talks from Youth Music, Making Music and Warwick Music and then have the panel talking about what is really happening out there and how things are changing.

Above all at this event, we are trying to give people practical examples and inspiration of how we are all creating music makers (in spite of cuts and other challenges) and how we are adapting with technologies and teaching methods that are line with today’s younger generational expectations.

Next week we will bring you details of the final panel:

Panel 3 – Education – the new frontier. Developing new opportunities for the industry

“Music Education – the HUGE opportunity for our Industry” will be held on Thursday 24th October 2019 at the Victory Services Club, Seymour St, London, W2 2HF – a 2 minute walk from Marble Arch Tube Station.

We anticipate that this event will be highly attended, so please book now to avoid missing out on a vital gathering designed to support your business, and inspire you with new ideas to help you create new partnerships and revenue streams for your company.

Tickets including lunch buffet and evening meal are just £49 + VAT for members, and £99 + VAT for non-members. Email clare@mia.org.uk to reserve your place today.