Rhythm Magazine Returns! Redesigned and Reloaded for November 2019


Rhythm magazine is set to return to UK newsstands mid-November, with output on its popular social media channels YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram increasing from today, Friday October 4th

With former editor Louise King at the helm once again, Rhythm has been redesigned and rebranded with a more global, inclusive agenda.

Expanding on the magazine’s core editorial values of delivering targeted, informative and inspirational drum content, the first issue of the new, improved Rhythm will feature conversations with 25 of the greatest drummers playing today, in-depth and rated gear reviews, a comprehensive tuition package from Rhythm’s expert team of educators, top tips and how to’s, plus much more.

“When I was approached by Rob Last at Lifestyle Media House to buy the magazine and take the editorial lead, I jumped at the chance,” said Louise, who edited the magazine from 1999 to 2007.

“Having been editor at Rhythm for 9 years, I knew exactly the kind of publication I wanted Rhythm to become – one with a more global, inclusive focus, widening its reach to embrace drummers and percussionists from all genres of music, all backgrounds and all levels.

 “Not only will the magazine have a much broader scope, but we’ve also redesigned it for a higher quality feel, with an emphasis on stunning visuals and exceptional editorial. This, in addition to the social assets, including a reinvigorated YouTube channel and popular Facebook page, will all combine to create a unique and very special space for drummers all over the world to join together.

“Our vision of Rhythm is ultimately to inspire a community of people who are passionate about drumming,” explained Louise, “whether that’s a young kid who’s never picked up a pair of sticks before to a seasoned pro who wants to indulge her love of all things planet drum.”

 Rhythm goes on sale mid-November, with a dedicated website and its Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Instagram channels live from today – Friday, October 4th.