Sanberg Superlight update


In 2019, Sandberg have been delighted with the sales of the California “lightweight  SL“ basses.

The current basses are produced in Cedar,  which due to the sales success we have found it very difficult to finish to our fastidious standards.

It was actually taking considerably more time than ash or alder to finish which gave us a dilemma as we did not want to substantially increase the RRP.

The search was on for a viable alternative. Having tried and tested alternative woods over the last 4 months. a great solution has been found.

The answer is that the bodies will now be made of Paulownia wood!

This wood resembles an open-pore matt varnished ash, has the same weight ratio as cedar,  and has the added advantage in that it has got a full-bodied attack and characterful sound…..

The 4-string  California weights only circa 3kg, and the 5-string circa 3,5kg . Many bass players with aching shoulders will be smiling with anticipation at these weights.

The wood is slightly more expensive than cedar, but the advantages more than compensate for this.

So from now on Sandberg will make ALL SL  “lightweight“ California basses out of this wood.

Further good news is that we will also offer a bigger variety of colours.

Which are :  Nature / Black / Tobacco / 3-tone Sunburst / Greenburst / Redburst.

The 4 string prices start from £1540 and the 5 String start from £1655 RRP inc VAT but excluding  any duties that may be incurred.

The Paulownia Superlight is now up and running on the Sandberg Configurator for you to spec your SL to your individual requirements.

For more information contact Synergy Distribution on 0121-270-6485