Wimbledon is alive with the sound of Blüthner


Blüthner and the Royal College of Music are pleased to present Wimbledon Piano Classics in October 2019…

The Wimbledon Piano Classics line-up features world-class artists including Martin James Bartlett, George Harliono, Anna Huntley, Simon Lepper, and Sofya Gulyak

Professor Vanessa Latarche, RCM’s Head of Keyboard, will also present a piano masterclass, where she will provide artistic guidance and an insight into life at the school, along with giving practical advice on auditions, funding and career opportunities.

The festival will run between today, 10 October and 12 October 2019 at Trinity United Reformed Church in Wimbledon.

Repertoire over the course of the series has been hand-picked by the artists:

  • Martin James Bartlett will play works by Mozart, Gershwin, Dvorak, Ginastera and Liszt, where he’ll perform Widmung from his debut album Love and Death with Warner Classics
  • George Harliono will present pieces by Chopin, Stravinsky and Grieg
  • Sofya Gulyak has chosen pieces she has a close affinity with, by Bach, Brahms, Chopin, Rachmaninov and Prokofiev
  • Anna Huntley will sing works of young female women and love, including the traditional piece ‘She Moved Through the Fair’, ‘The Saga of Jenny’ by Weil and ‘If love were all’ by Coward, with Simon Lepper

Since its inception in 1853 by Julius Blüthner, the company has garnered an extensive list of advocates, which include Tchaikovsky, Shostakovich, Rachmaninoff, Brahms, Mahler, Bartók, Debussy, Wagner, The Beatles, and Ariana Grande.

A family-led business, Blüthner pianos are hand-crafted in Leipzig, Germany, where they are designed to last a lifetime, with soundboards constituting only the finest spruce wood carefully selected from the Alps

Tradition is embedded in Blüthner’s history; all the instruments possess unique features such as a cylindrical curved soundboard design, an inner rim construction and a Blüthner Aliquot string, designed to create a warm, rich and romantic tone through enhancing overtones

Aside from being firmly rooted in the brand’s original identity, Blüthner are also making innovative  pathways by experimenting with new techniques and designs, such as their ‘Hive Elegance Acrylic Piano’ which stands on sleek, metallic legs and features beehive acrylic accents

Blüthner’s stylish range of pianos is reflected in the use of the firm’s instrument in films and prestigious events: Ariana Grande performed on a Blüthner Crystal Piano at the Grammy Awards 2015, and a Blüthner Grand Piano featured (and was dramatically destroyed) in 2008’s Iron Man

Blüthner’s popular piano competitions take place globally in unconventional spaces to mass audiences, with one taking place in a Baseball Stadium in Qingdao to an audience of 250,000

Blüthner’s showroom, along with their practice rooms, can be found at 6 Baker Street, W1U 3AA

Thursday 10th October – Sofya Gulyak (Piano) –  7.30pm
Friday 11th October – Prof. Vanessa Latarche – (Piano Masterclass) – 4.30pm – 6.30pm
Friday 11th October – Anna Huntley (Soprano), Simon Lepper (Piano) –  7.30pm
Saturday 12th October – Martin James Bartlett (piano), George Harliono (Piano) – 7.30pm

Find out more about Blüthner on their Website, Twitter, FacebookInstagram