CITES – Rosewood Deregulation update

As you know, our industry recently had the wonderful news that CITES had voted to deregulate rosewood restrictions in relation to musical instruments. See below:

The date set by CITES for global implementation is November 26th.

So far so good…

We are waiting for final confirmation that the EU is ready to effect the implementation and we are expecting that this might take a couple more weeks (ie nearer mid-December).

We have conferred with CAFIM, our sister association in the EU to check that we are all getting the same messages from government.

DEFRA and APHA are working with the EU and have promised to inform the MIA as soon as the actual date is fixed.

We will naturally let you all know straight away, but wanted to warn you NOT to stop all the paperwork and certificates quite yet…

In related news, the expectation is that the changes to Cedrela will not come into force for 12 months.

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