Insights into musicians’ wants and needs of music education technology


Prompted by an MIA event several months ago, where technology for music education was brought up a few times with the panels, MusicIncite put together a survey on the wants and needs of musicians that technology could address, with regard to practicing, learning, exploring and teaching music. We had 616 respondents. We made the results available at the MIA education event. Highlights from the survey included:

  • Self-Learning is a Top Priority with a focus on Technique, Rhythm, Practice and Improvisation
  • Music Practice and Theory Seem to Drive Musicians
  • Over 60% Want to Improve Their Music Vocabulary Regarding Chords, Scales and Melody
  • Access of Technology is Through Smart Phones and Laptops
  • Improvisation is A Skill to Master!
  • Video is King, When it comes to Educational Resources and For Practice Components, Video Ranks 1st.
  • Over 70% See Value in Ear Training
  • Musicians are Price Sensitive to Technology

More information, and access to a 4-page executive summary and the survey data, is available at

Please note that the rest of the site is locked down, requiring authentication, until we launch emuso(TM) in November 2019, a very powerful help system for musicians in the areas of practicing, learning, exploring and teaching music.

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