PMT: Make Some Noise This Christmas


You may have seen this year’s Christmas advert from PMT which asks ‘what would you do if you were all alone in a PMT store this Christmas?’ More and more MI retailers are creating their own adverts for the festive period. There are certainly benefits such as sparking conversation about your store, presenting consumers with your brand messages and values, and just reminding them that you’re there!

If you’ve also published a Christmas advert, let us know, we’d love to see it! If you’re thinking of doing so, here’s some tips:

Market Research Company Kantar says that a good Christmas advert should:

  • Tell a good story in which the brand plays a key part
  • Trigger an emotional response, but not be too serious or sad
  • Provide an epic Christmas experience that draws people in.

PMT’s Christmas advert features some familiar faces, and a particularly excitable Dagan, who has locked himself in a PMT store on the night before Christmas. You can follow the young guitar maestro as he indulges in a night of musical adventure, free to roam throughout the store and try out all the musical instruments that they have on offer this festive season:


Here’s what Carly Scott, Commercial Director at PMT has to say about the ad and PMT’s festive goings-on:

“We really look forward to our Christmas promotions and we like to do something different every year.

We like to look to other industries and relatable themes to keep the personality in our brand.

In an age where we all sell largely the same products, at a similar price, making our brand recognisable and a little bit different is important to us, and PMT has always added a little bit of humour to things…

We have so many reasons for our consumers to buy from PMT, but a big part of that is our local stores and experts who really can help with solutions for customers, whether they’ve bought the product online or in store. Our staff are all musicians, and therefore have the same dreams as our customers in many respects!

A PMT store experience really is unique, we’re not a traditional stuffy old music shop but unless you’ve visited one of our stores, that can often be difficult to portray online…

I think all of our customers deep down would love to have the shop to themselves to try any instruments they like, without fear of judgment and there will be a competition offering just that for people who purchase with us over Christmas!”