Search Engine Optimisation – not always as costly as you’d imagine?


Alice here, with an article that might get you some results and save you some cash!

I recently went to visit very savvy MIA Member, Warwick Music, who taught me about non branded organic search. I thought it would be good to share, just in case you haven’t come across this concept before.

To give you some background:

A branded keyword search is a when a person searches online for something that includes your website’s brand name or variations of it and is unique to your domain. For instance, branded keywords for the MIA would include queries like:

MIA Blog
MIA Members
MIA Member Benefits

Searches that do not reference a brand name or any part of it are considered non-branded. Visitors aren’t searching for your brand specifically, but are looking for what your site offers (e.g search for where to buy coffee, you’re more than likely to see Neros, Starbucks or Costa in your results!).

To achieve a high position for their website in the search results, many companies invest in things like Google AdWords, where advertisers bid on certain keywords in order for their clickable ads to appear at the top of Google’s search results.

However, making the most out of non-branded organic search means that rather than just paying for adverts, you can grow the visitors to your site and encourage them in by answering the most common questions that people are searching for, relating to your brand.

So, how can you find out what the most frequently asked questions are?

Check out

You can enter your keyword & it’ll suggest content ideas in seconds. The clever site shows you all the questions that people have been entering into search engines relating to a word. Try searching for ‘guitar’ or ‘drums’, and you’ll see what people want to know.

If you then use those suggestions to write a blog post, an FAQ page, or add some new information to your site which answers some of those common questions, your page will come up when people are looking for information. They’ll see your products, learn about your brand and maybe even think about making a purchase!