The gift of buying a musical instrument


We’re sure that you will remember that in 2018, the annual event of the John Lewis Christmas advert had a particular resonance for our industry. ‘The Boy and the Piano’ featured Elton John, and it was a powerful message about the value of buying a child a musical instrument. It was referred to as a ‘love letter to music lessons’.

Many MI retailers saw this as a great selling opportunity and linked up their own marketing with the popular advert. MIA Member Casio even reported a 101% surge in enquiries for their pianos and keyboards in the period that the advert was played!

We all know that musical instruments are more than just a gift.  When buying a musical instrument as a present, consumers are also giving their loved one a new experience and opening up opportunities for them. So, really it’s no surprise that some of the big players in the UK are shining a light on the gift of music for their most important advert of the year.

You may have seen the most recent example of this; British retailer Argos debuted ‘The Book of Dreams’ on 1st November. A Dad spots that his daughter has circled a drum kit in the catalogue, which results in the family kitchen becoming a private gig, with a father and daughter drumming along to Simple Minds’ 80s classic ‘Don’t You Forget About Me’. This advert shows how the drum kit is a dream for the young girl (not just a present!); and when the pair play together, it shows how music unites them. It’s very heart-warming at a time of year that the focus is on family and togetherness.


You will have noticed that the advert not only features a drum kit, but also shows amps, and other pro-audio equipment, which is good news for UK retailers.

Keep in touch and let us know about how you are working with this useful and timely advert. If you have any comments on how Christmas adverts have helped your business, please email