The MIA and the CMIA


The MIA had an important meeting with the China Musical Instrument Association (CMIA) on November 7th, together with the Music China organisers (Intex Shanghai)…

This was a good chance to review the progress of the Shanghai Show and also to discuss matters important to the two trade bodies.

The ABRSM kindly offered a meeting room and the following was covered in the discussions:

  1. The growing need for all music industry trade bodies to bring together industry and educators for mutual benefit.
  2. This was an interesting development hot on the heels of the MIA’s recent industry and education Forum! ;
  4. The UK Music for All charity was generally of interest to the Chinese as a way a directly creating and supporting new and lapsed music makers ;
  6. Chinese and UK mutual support for the fast-growing Make Music Day (June 21st every year in over 120 Countries) ;
  8. Chinese interest in the success of the UK learn to Play Day ;
  10. In respect of the show, it was agreed that the phenomenal growth of many years was now starting to gradually level off
  11. It was also agreed that noise control is an issue that needs sorting as a priority!
  12. The continued need for the CMIA to try and protect the intellectual property of UK companies when visiting and exhibiting in China (a real issue as many of you know only too well!)

The MIA will meet with the CMIA at the NAMM Show in January as part of the NAMM-sponsored International Coalition meeting when all the trade bodies meet up to share information and to agree on shared objective (eg Make Music Day, CITES etc)