D’Addario Accessories launches Grateful Dead Picks & Straps


D’Addario, with the help of Warner Music Artist Services, has taken on the vast art portfolio of the Grateful Dead to release a brand-new line of Grateful Dead licensed products. A line of woven nylon guitar straps featuring two designs in four different colors and one 10-pack celluloid pick design available in two colorways are available now…

These nylon woven straps feature Grateful Dead logo artwork, dancing bears, and steal your face icons in four different vibrant colorways.

50GD00 Guitar Strap Steal Your Face Red/Blue
50GD01 Guitar Strap Steal Your Face Tan/Brown
50GD02 Guitar Strap Dancing Bears Yellow/ Navy
50GD03 Guitar Strap Dancing Bears Teal/Purple

The picks are available in black and white celluloid 10-packs, in medium .70mm gauge and feature classic Grateful Dead icons.

1CBK4-10GD1 Guitar Pick, Medium, Black Celluloid, White Icons
1CWH4-10GD2 Guitar Pick, Medium, White Celluloid, Gold Icons