The power of the industry working together!


As many of you will know, our industry charity, Music for All, offers Grants to both Individuals and Community projects throughout the UK. Any instruments purchased with the Grants ALWAYS gets spent in UK music shops…

MIA member, Reverb have recently set up their own charitable arm, Reverb Gives. They very kindly gave Music for All a grant to use to benefit a UK school.

The vibrant Glyn School in Epsom has 1400 pupils and Matthew, their passionate Head of Music is trying to get them all making music!

The Reverb Gives Grant enabled us to buy them a whole range of smaller-sized guitars, plus amps  and much more as the school is now supporting:

A Jazz Band, a Senior and Junior Soul Band, a Brass Band, a Sax Quintet, a Junior Orchestra and more.

Matthew is even building a small recording facility for the school including a vocal booth, all by himself.

Here are some of the young people getting ready for an evening of musical performances that they were putting on for all the parents!

If you’re interested in supporting the work of Music for All, check out Help 100!

Music for All are aiming to fulfil the musical aspirations of 100 disadvantaged young people this Christmas. What a start to the New Year it would be for each of our young beneficiaries to discover that their dream of music making will become a reality in 2020!

As a business that understands the importance of music making and the positive difference it can make to the lives of individuals and wider communities, would you be in a position to make a donation at this time? £250 would fund one individual grant, £1,000 would fund four. Any support you are able to give will help us change lives.

Remember; Music for All only purchases musical instruments from UK based retailers with bricks and mortar shops. The industry has always been tremendously supportive of the charity over the years, and we need your help to make more musical aspirations become a reality! All supporting companies will be recognised on the Music for All website.

On behalf of all those who will benefit from your support, thank you very much in advance for any help you can give this festive season.