XVIVE Introduce XU4 In-Ear Monitor Wireless System


The theme of the new Xvive XU4 is for a compact, high quality, easy to operate ‘plug in and play’ In-Ear Monitor Wireless System, amiss of the many problems associated with other wireless monitoring systems.

Operating on 2.4Ghz frequency range, the all-important latency response is less than 5 milliseconds, for the non-technicians amongst us, Xvive are eager to explain that this is the same time a person’s voice will take to reach you when having a conversation approximately….5 feet away.

With a full charge via the USB sockets, the internal battery within the XU4 transmitter and receiver with deliver up to 5 hours playing time, with a line of sight range of 90ft (27.5m) and with a signal to noise ratio at 107 decibels, provides clear detailed audio at any volume.

Both the XU4’s transmitter and receiver are compact, robust and built to last with a tough plastic/metal construction. Also acting as a stand-alone headphone driver, the XU4 transmitter with a sturdy metal belt clip, is unobtrusive with fiddle-free, easily accessible Headphone Volume control and lockable Channel Select control with LED status.

With a balanced XLR input the XU4’s transmitter features also include Power/Mute, Aux/Line switches, Power LEDs and USB charging port.

If you’ve ever wondered about the mobility and impact an in-ear wireless monitoring system could bring to your stage act, but were put off by the price, the Xvive XU4 is the straight-forward, hassle-free solution.

With performance akin to systems costing many times the price, the Xvive XU4 In-Ear Monitor Wireless System is perfect for high quality personal and multi-monitoring vocal systems for band members, broadcasting on 6 independent channels.

Accessories include: USB ‘Y’ lead for charging the transmitter and receiver simultaneously and a soft travel bag.

Note: In-ear headphones are not included.