Barnes & Mullins receive NAMM Milestone award for 125 years of service to MI


The 2020 NAMM show saw another milestone in the history of MIA member Barnes & Mullins. Founded in 1895 by Samuel Bowley Barnes and Albert Mullins, 2020 sees the company celebrate its 125 year anniversary, and what better way than to be honoured by NAMM in the presence of your Music Industry peers. Paul and Alice at the MIA were delighted to watch Bruce and Brian accept this wonderful award at The NAMM Show…

The ceremony, which took place at the NAMM U breakfast session on the morning of January 17th, saw Joe Lamond, NAMM’s president, present the Milestone Award to B&M’s Bruce Perrin and Brian Cleary.

The award, which celebrates 125 years of service to the Music Products Industry, shows Barnes & Mullins as one of only a handful of global musical instrument companies that have contributed to the industry for such a long period.

“What an honour!” commented Bruce Perrin, B&M’s joint managing director. “Both Brian and I are delighted to be the current custodians of Barnes & Mullins, a company into which we have over 60 years of combined input, and a company about which we both care greatly. I dearly hope there will be many more milestones ahead for Barnes & Mullins and the great team that we have assembled.”

Barnes & Mullins are proud to have won 30 Music Industry and product recognition awards in the last 35 years.

A huge congratulations to Barnes & Mullins from everyone at the MIA.