Exciting new releases from Ashdown Engineering


Here are some innovative exciting new releases from British Company Ashdown Engineering… 


Dan Lakin Luthier/bass aficionado and Mark Gooday, friends for many years have pooled skills, resources and passion for Bass with a line of co-designed Dan Lakin and Ashdown Engineered manufactured Bass guitars, to start it was just going to be one bass but as you can imagine things got a little carried away and we opted to go all out with an impressive range of instruments.

Dans passion sees him making basses in Chicago to order and totally USA built. Basses built to order are one thing but getting a brand out there as he had in the past was not of interest to him.

So with Dan in tow Ashdown is taking up that mantra for him as having made basses before and always wishing to do so again, a Chance meeting in Chicago Music Exchange on a road trip for Mark saw the seeds of interest sown. Months later those seeds come to reality; you will see some unique products at the NAMM show in Anaheim this coming January. Be sure to pop by and discuss all things Bass with Dan and Mark.

Originally our necks were going to be finished with polymerized low-sheen tung oil. This product became increasingly difficult to source. Birchwood-Casey Tru-Oil brand gun stock oil turned out to be the best substitute product to obtain the classic feel of our bass neck.

Using Hipshot Tuners, Dunlop Strap Locks, Wilkinson Bridges & Dunlop Strings these basses have been made using the best possible materials for professional use on the road, at home or in the studio the Ashdown range of basses have been built to stand the test of time.

The range consists of four instruments as well as a few options for all styles and genres. The range is as follows:

– The Low Rider
– The Saint
– The Arc
– The Grail

The Grail is available with 4 or 5 strings and also comes as a short-scale version.


We would like to officially introduce the NEW Ashdown Studio Range.

The Range consists of four beautiful combos, the award winning Studio 15, Studio 12, Studio 10 & Studio 8 all named in relation to the size of speaker fitted. The all-new designs feature a new light-weight design using responsibly sourced poplar-ply wood, providing a light but strong structure for our new combo enclosures.

All of which have been tuned to their appropriate speaker capacities the 15 is rear ported for a deeper bass response and the 12 is front ported to project those mids, where as the 10 and 8 are both sealed enclosures. Using our own designed Studio NEO speakers in the Studio 15 and Studio 12 for a powerful and ultra lightweight driver.

Today people require our products to be portable yet practical, which in essence is a task of its own. When designing our new studio line we discussed a number of different ideas, but the key point was that they needed to sound as good as they look…

So going back to basics we leaned upon one our tried and tested EQ sections by way of the 5 BAND EQ featured across our Rootmaster and Original ranges, this EQ opens up everything you need to establish a great tone straight out of the box, with everything at 12 O’clock the NEW Ashdown Studio Range sounds as you would expect from a bass guitar warm yet articulate.

A re-designed foot switchable valve emulated overdrive as well as an FX Loop, balanced XLR DI output (and switchable tweeter in the Studio 15).

The combos also feature a headphone output for silent practice essential for this day and age where listening habits are changing, we still all need to practice, unless your last name is Palladino….

Before the official launch we were able to get our Studio 15 combo in for review with Bass Guitar Magazine not only did it come out with 5 stars it won Bass Combo of the year!


With the ever-changing needs of today’s working bass players Ashdown have devised a product unique in features and distinctive in design. The Ant is the all-new bass amp of the modern age, where space is a premium and lightweight is the way to go.

Well you don’t get much more lightweight than this for a 200 watt bass amp that can sit comfortably on any pedal board just plug into any cabinet (min load 4 ohms) and start gigging.

As with its namesake The Ant punches well above its weight/size of only 915 grams (W: 210mm D: 118mm H: 62 inc Feet & knobs), capable of carrying any drummer…. Made entirely from aluminium The Ant is fabricated to be durable yet weigh nothing.

The 3 band EQ and trusty Ashdown Shape is warm, articulate and dynamic when used in conjunction with one another, a large array of tones can be achieved…

Or just set it flat and plug in your pedal board or profiling system and away you go with the option to tailor your tone on stage or at front of house with the on board Transformer balanced Di output.

A -10dB passive/active pad is available on the front end to tame those high output basses or signal processors…

Silent practice? No worries The Ant has you covered with a handy on board headphone pre amp for use at home or on the road when a little quite practice is required…

Weight: 915g
Size: W: 210mm D: 118mm H: 62mm (inc feet & knobs)
Max Power: 210w (@800s)
Continuous Power: 140w
FTC Rating: 140w
Mains Input: 100-240v 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 200w @ Full Output


In a world of guitarists opting for a modelling option over taking a rig on the road, the NEWT is effectively a 200-watt guitar amp that can fit comfortably on any pedal board and power a combination of cabinets with a minimum load of 4 Ohms it can power 2 x 16 ohms comfortably or you would get around 75+ watts out of a single 16 ohm cabinet.

Weighing in at only 915 grams (W: 210mm D: 118mm H: 62 inc Feet & knobs), capable of cutting through the
mix or subtlety sit behind you for personal monitoring…. Made entirely from aluminium The NEWT is fabricated
to be durable yet weighs nothing.

The 3-band EQ and scoop setting enable a great range of tones for fine-tuning your sound at the end of your signal path to suit the paired cabinet.

Just set it flat and plug in your pedal board or profiling system and away you go with the option to tailor your tone on stage or at front of house with the on board Transformer balanced Di output.

A -10dB passive/active pad is available on the front end to tame those high output basses or signal processors…

Silent practice? No worries The NEWT has you covered with a handy on board headphone pre amp for use at home or on the road when a little quite practice is required…

Weight: 915g
Size: W: 210mm D: 118mm H: 62mm (inc feet & knobs)
Max Power: 210w
Continuous Power: 140w
FTC Rating: 140w
Mains Input: 100-240v 50/60Hz
Power Consumption: 200w @ Full Output


3 Cabinets designed to be powerful yet light weight.

Based on what we have learned over the years we decided to take the NEO speaker back to the drawing board, we have designed a number of custom drivers in the past but generally steered clear of using neodymium magnets in favour of our friendly but heavy ferrite magnet, now given the opportunity to go back to the drawing board with our acoustic engineers and testing facilities we have created 3 stunning all new BLUE LINE PRO NEO speakers a 10, 12 and 15”.

Pairing the tens into an all-new poplar ply designed enclosure with an interchangeable cloth grill to keep the weight down (a metal grill option is available). Braced and wadded to ensure no unwanted resonant frequencies the ABM210H PRO NEO is a 300 watt powerful compact cabinet featuring a three way variable high frequency horn selectable via the 3 way rocker switch located on the universal Ashdown back plate on the rear of the cab. Sealed to deliver powerful attack and clear definition as well as lower bass frequencies.

Looking at the popularity of our cab offering and that of others on the market 12” speakers have made some what of a revival in the bass market over recent years opting for a more vintage feel but delivering a full range of frequencies the 12 is a great speaker added to our new compact poplar ply enclosure with high frequency horn unit it is truly a very versatile cab rated at 300watts at 8ohms.

We couldn’t launch a range of bass cabs without looking at a 15” speaker so once again looking at everything that makes a great 15 it needs power and a wide range of frequencies. Our NEW PRO NEO BLUE LINE 15” speaker is efficient in its design to ensure it delivers a full range of frequencies as a stand alone cabinet but yet compliment an additional cabinet to bolster your stage presence. Rated at 300 watts at 8 Ohms the ABM-115H PRO NEO is a fantastic addition to the line up.

The ABM EVO IV PRO NEO range is as follows:
ABM-210H-EVO IV-PRO NEO – 2 x 10” BLUE LINE PRO NEO – 3way variable Horn – 300watts – 8 Ohms
ABM-112H-EVO IV-PRO NEO – 1 x 12” BLUE LINE PRO NEO – 3way variable Horn – 300watts – 8 Ohms
ABM-115H-EVO IV-PRO NEO – 1 x 15” BLUE LINE PRO NEO – 3way variable Horn – 300watts – 8 Ohms


Immediately identifiable on stages around the world thanks to it’s glowing VU meter. Over the past 25 years the Ashdown ABM range has become the industry standard for bass players in pursuit of real bass tone, versatility, power and tour proven reliability.

Now in its fifth incarnation, ABM EVO IV pairs class-leading preamp sophistication with up-rated powerhouse performance and an all-new 9-band EQ – now available in four head versions rated at 300W, 600W, and 1200W, as well as the all NEW DUAL VU RACK Head.

The ABM DUAL VU RACK EVO IV head teams the ABM preamp with a gut-rumbling 600W power stage.

Our Variable Valve Drive preamp section has also been upgraded in EVO IV. Delivering more current to the 12AX7 tube enables more drive and harmonic content than ever before, enabling players to dial in a sound from pristine clean, to the fattest, fullest bass overdrive currently available. The Drive level can be pre-set and kicked in and out via footswitch, providing access to a huge range of clean, warm and overdriven tones.

Bassists plugging into EVO IV will be greeted straight away by the flickering of the new Input VU meter, allowing them to quickly find the sweet spot for their instrument. From there, EVO IV features a sophisticated 9-band EQ, with familiar Bass, Middle and Treble controls and six sliders providing precision cut and boost at 100Hz, 180Hz, 340Hz, 1.3KHz, 2.6KHz and 5KHz. The EQ can be switched in via footswitch taking the player from a flat fretless sound to their favourite EQ setting instantly. The NEW 9-band EQ is a revelation of sonic perfection and will surprise older ABM users.

Other ABM favourite features are retained in EVO IV, including Ashdown’s famous One Knob Dynamic Compressor for huge bass tones. Kick it in and this simple to use great sounding compressor delivers a powerful, even sound, guaranteed to help your bass fill out any mix.

Once heard – never forgotten. The ABM Sub-Harmonic generator adds an octave below the notes being played bringing fullness to any bass part. The Sub level is independently controllable, letting you dial in anything from a subtle hint of deep bass to a full-on subterranean funk.

The ABM is loaded with connectivity. A tuner output, Line out, transparent FX loop and a Line Input for the connection of an external sampler or sound source. Output muting cuts the signal from the DI output but leaves the tuner output ‘live’, allowing the player to tune up in silence.

A pair of Neutrik Jack/Speakon sockets with a minimum 4 ohm load provide flexible partnering options with a dedicated range of ABM EVO IV cabinets. The ABM 600 EVO IV can be used to power a single 8 ohm cabinet, a pair of 8 ohm cabinets or a single 4 ohm cabinet.

Paired with our FS-4 footswitch (not included) the ABM comes alive for onstage use, enabling on-the-fly tonal gearshifts. With footswitchable Valve Drive, Compression, EQ and Sub Harmonic Generator, ABM puts dozens of sound combinations at your feet, without so much as an effect pedal in sight.

The road ready rack head fits a 3U rack space and is fabricated from 2mm mild steal, with front and rear mounts to ensure your head is secure when travelling. The head should always be mounted using the provided front and rear mounts and affixed as per the instructions in the user guide.


300 & 800 -Watt Bass Guitar Amplifiers

Less weight, new looks and more power upgrades to the second incarnation of the hugely popular Ashdown Rootmaster Range, bringing you the Rootmaster EVO II Bass Amp Range.

Ashdown Rootmaster EVO II range remains true to its predecessor, by delivering workhorse reliability and great tone at an affordable price, however the second evolution of the Rootmaster range has resulted in a focused range of lightweight bass amplifier heads, cabs and combos that offer improved features and finish, coupled with a dramatic reduction in weight.

The Rootmaster’s pre amp now includes a passive and active input jack socket for use with high and low output instruments, this sets a clear signal path to the input control enabling you to fine tune your input level using the trademark Ashdown VU meter. With the signal at its optimal level, you then hit the rich features of the Rootmaster designed enhance your tone, such as the shape button, 5-band EQ and on-board compressor. The drive control, as always delivers a delectable valve emulated over-drive, whilst the sub harmonic controls add further fatness to your tone – both can be foot-switched via an FS 2 footswitch (sold separately). The new Rootmaster EVO range features an upgraded power section plus a handy mute button.

New to the mix is the RM-800 EVO II Head. Its 800-watt power section has been developed to maintain a deep low end, defined mids and transient highs delivering its output into a 4-ohm load. The Rootmaster 800 EVO II Head has a distinctive clear anodised alloy housing & chassis, an all new black anodised front panel and will sit along side its little brother, the RM-500 EVO II, for those of you looking for slightly more headroom. When 500 or 800 watts is just too much but you still want all the features of the RM-EVO II range we are introducing an all NEW 300-watt powered version with a red anodised over panel to set it apart from its big brothers, the RM-300 EVO II head will have the same feature set of the RM EVO II range just with a little less power…

Building on Ashdown’s 25 plus years of experience of making bass amps, the new Rootmaster EVO II range is engineered for people who require reliable lightweight powerful rigs that wont break the bank. Ashdown remains the best foundations on which to build the most important bass sound of all – your own.


500-Watt Bass Guitar Amplifier
The ORIGINAL HEAD now available with more power. Ashdown are dedicated to providing bassists with the best possible tone and have pushed the boundaries with innovate creations for two solid decades. With a long spanning legacy in British bass amplification, it goes without saying that Ashdown are fully skilled to take things back to the key fundamentals of everything that makes a great bass amp.

Whether you’re a new bass player looking for your first bass rig, or a seasoned professional, choosing the right bass amplifier head can define your tone, one stage or in the studio. This lightweight, portable and stripped back bass amp head takes Ashdown back to the Origin of their Tone.

Starting from the top, a passive/active switch determines the whether the amp is being used with a high or low output instrument and sets a clear signal path to the input control. From here, the player can fine-tune their input level using Ashdown’s trademark VU meter, which takes pride of place at the very centre of the amp head.

With the signal at its optimal level, you then hit a defined set of features designed enhance your tone. The OriginAL encompasses a tried and tested, non-gimmicky 5-band EQ, controlling your traditional bass, middle and treble with a lo-mid and hi-mid sitting comfortably either side of the variable middle control. The additional Shape control further sculpts your tone, lifting the frequencies that really count – like a smiley face on a graphic equalizer – just like how Ashdown’s flagship ABM range does.

The output control regulates the output volume of the amp and wrapping up the features on the front panel is an easy to reach DI output, as well as an independent FX send and return, which allows the amp to set a very clear signal path with no interruptions.

To the rear of this condensed unit is a very well considered headphone out, which doubles this gig-ready head as a great home practice device. 2 x jack speaker outputs allow you to connect to two Ashdown bass cabinets with a 4 ohm minimum load.

Ready for the road, The OriginAL is a rugged little go-getter, using scuff proof paint over its steel chassis. Retaining a nice yet practical weight to it, with quality feeling control pots, The OriginAL is built to last a lifetime. Offered with a 5 year warranty, The OriginAL comes complete with auto protect voltage for global touring musicians and an adaptive temperature controlled fan for road and studio use.


200 Watt All Valve Bass Amp Head

Like it’s big and little brother, the CTM-300 & CTM-100 the NEW CTM-200R takes it’s sonic cues from the classic valve heads of the past and pairs its 200W all-valve design with modern features, construction and reliability.

Built to be gigged the CTM-200R rack head is housed in a 2mm mild steel chassis with spot welded supports fabricated in Essex, England, hand finished and powder coated in black before being fitted with its beautifully engineered circuit boards to support the amps valve complement of four KT-88 power tubes as well as the array of pre amp valves consisting of 2 x ECC-832 2 x ECC-82 1 x ECC-99. The transformers have been designed & engineered to provide solid consistent power, they are also hand wound in Essex using the same factory that have been supplying our transformers since 1997. This is an amplifier that is built to last using only the finest components to ensure years of trouble-free performance night after night.

The road ready rack head fits a 3U rack space, with front and rear mounts to ensure your head is secure when travelling. The head should always be mounted using the provided front and rear mounts and affixed as per the instructions in the user guide.

From mellow ‘60s bass tone to growling ‘70s-style bass, straight through to thick and powerful modern tone, the CTM200R covers a huge range of sonic ground. Hit the Mellow button to engage smooth, warm, clean tones – or punch it out to dial-in pure valve overdriven growl.

Standard tone controls give you a wide range of uber-musical sounds, while Deep, Mid Shift, and Bright switches let you fine-tune your tone to the situation. The EQ section is a passive tone circuit – meaning if all controls are at zero there will be no sound through the amp. All the controls are highly interactive, giving you the possibility to dial in  exactly what tone you want. Don’t be scared to dial the pots all the way to get the most from the controls.

Saving costly and time consuming trips to the Tech and keeping your amp sounding better for longer, the CTM-200 features user adjustable bias for all four output valves which can be set by engaging the bias mode of the dual function VU meter on the front panel. Each output valve is individually fused and user replaceable without removing the unit from its case (meter also indicates valve or fuse failure).

To get your tone direct to the desk in the studio or on stage, the CTM-200 features a valve-driven, transformer-derived DI output with an isolated ground to deliver maximum sonic purity and consistent output night after night.

Similarly, the front-mounted effects loop is also valve-driven for maximum tonal preservation.

Another feature of the CTM-200R is the selectable multi voltage switch on the rear of the head, either 115v or 240v.


A range of compact 9v effects pedals for bass and guitar.

Introducing the all-new PRO FX 9 volt range of effects pedals designed for guitarists and bass players by guitarists and bass players. Designed and Engineered in the UK with Electronics Engineer Dave Green, Dave has been part of the team at Ashdown since around 2006 and has been behind many of our new products in terms of electronic design. This range of pedals has been months in development and are some of our best sounding pedals we have ever designed. Taking from what we have learned from the market we wanted an affordable range of pedals distinctive in looks but most importantly characterful in tone and features.

Separating the ranges by way of Bass and Guitar we have the ABM (Ashdown Bass Magnifier) Pro-Fx range and the AGM (Ashdown Guitar Magnifier) Pro-Fx range. The Bass range has two sort after pedals a two band drive capable of face ripping tones to the classic Sub Harmonic Generator bringing our trusty SUB circuit to pedal form featured in our ABM it tracks beautifully with anything from subtle low end reinforcement to full on synthy goodness.

The Guitar range consists of three pedals a classic twist on a Boost pedal with a Treble Boost and a Full Boost enabling fine tuning to your tone pre amp, The Retro Drive is a filthy but glorious distortion with a simple three pot control for rich overdriven British distortion the Retro Drive is a great pedal. The Vintage fuzz is just that a nice boxy square wave that echoes of times of old simple but effective.

All powered by 9vs DC C pin Negative with a 30ma draw.

The Double Shot:
A variation on our Triple Shot the double shot is a two band variable drive pedal designed for bass players.

The Sub Harmonic Generator:
Our SUB Harmonic Generator is simple and effective, with blend-able subs/cleans you can add a subtle fatness or go full out synth.

The Vintage Fuzz:
Adding a vintage Fuzz tone to any guitar be it a rich meaty Les Paul or a Tasty Tele our Vintage fuzz will put a smile on your face.

The Two-Band Boost:
Giving more control to your signal boost whether you want to boost just the high frequencies or full band boost or a blend of both to get the desired level in your signal chain.

The Retro Drive:
With a truly British feel our retro drive pedal is bold and distinctive. Rich in harmonics the drive echo’s of times of old when
people played real amps…