Exciting new releases from Roland


MIA Member Roland is proud to announce 2 exciting new products: the RD-88 Stage Piano; a streamlined and affordable Digital Performance Piano with premium Roland sound and features and the all-new V-Drums Kits; they merge the classic look of acoustic drums with Roland’s leading electronic percussion technology…


Streamlined and Affordable Digital Performance Piano with Premium Roland Sound and Features

Roland announces the RD-88 Stage Piano, the latest model in the company’s long-running RD series. For over 30 years, Roland RD pianos have been the top choice of professional keyboardists, appearing regularly on stages all over the world. Offering premium features in a light, streamlined design, the RD-88 delivers renowned RD sound and playability in an affordable instrument that’s simple to use and easy to carry.

Equipped with the 88-note PHA-4 keyboard, the RD-88 provides exceptional feel and response with Roland’s award-winning hammer action and Ivory Feel keys. Every musical nuance is perfectly translated, giving serious players the inspiring touch they need for authentic performances. A high-quality speaker system is also integrated into the instrument’s design, offering convenient self-contained amplification for home practice and convenient monitoring.

Drawing on Roland’s rich sound heritage, the RD-88 includes a wide selection of instruments including stunning, newly developed SuperNATURAL pianos and electric pianos. For added versatility, a curated collection of acoustic and electronic sounds are also on board, including modern synth sounds powered by the latest Roland sound engine.

The RD-88 is refreshingly intuitive to use while performing, with fast-access controls for selecting sound categories, creating layers and splits, and more. It’s easy to shape the tone color via grab-and-go knobs and enhance sounds with compressor, chorus/delay, reverb, and other effects. Favorite setups can be stored for quick recall, and a One-Touch Piano button allows the player to quickly return to their core piano sound any time they like.

Advanced users will love the RD-88’s zone features and easy computer integration. Software-based sounds can be played through the RD-88 via USB, and three zones can be configured with internal sounds or set up to control virtual instruments from Apple MainStage.

The RD-88 features a clean and compact design that fits neatly into any musical situation. Weighing just 13.5 kg/29 lb. 13 oz., it’s easy to move and set up, even on small stages or in cramped rehearsal spaces.

To learn more about the RD-88 Stage Piano, visit Roland.com.


All-New V-Drums Kits Merge the Classic Look of Acoustic Drums with Roland’s Leading Electronic Percussion Technology

Roland introduces V-Drums Acoustic Design, a brand-new product category within the renowned Roland electronic percussion lineup. V-Drums Acoustic Design presents a different kind of V-Drums experience, merging the alluring presence of acoustic drums with Roland’s world-leading digital percussion technology. For traditional drummers, V-Drums Acoustic Design opens a world of possibilities with the benefits of V-Drums—without having to sacrifice the classic acoustic vibe they know and love. The powerful union of Roland’s long technological development history with top-tier acoustic feel and appearance gives every player an electronic drum set they will be proud to own.

V-Drums have always provided the most natural electronic drumming experience available, offering behavior that accurately models the response of real acoustic drums. V-Drums Acoustic Design kits deliver the authentic look to match, with full-size wood shells, custom heavy-duty chrome shell hardware, thinner cymbals, standard acoustic mounting, and more. Every kit projects the premium look of high-end acoustic drums, providing a familiar presence that’s the centerpiece of any stage.

Playing a V-Drums Acoustic Design kit has a feel that’s uncannily acoustic, with the comfortable dynamic interaction of a traditional set. Advanced shell sensor systems eliminate hot spots and ensure the kick and toms behave just like their acoustic counterparts. Streamlined crash cymbal pads offer improved stick feel and swinging motion, thanks to a 40-percent reduction in thickness compared with previous generations. The range-topping V-Drums Acoustic Design 5 Series kits also feature digital snare and ride pads, which work with the TD-27 module’s speedy processing to provide high-res definition and unparalleled creative expression.

The V-Drums Acoustic Design lineup includes three different kits with varying configurations. The premier VAD506 and VAD503 kits feature the TD-27 module, full-size kick and toms, and a digital snare and ride. The more affordable VAD306 kit includes the TD-17 module and features kick, snare, and toms with shallow wood shells, making it ideal for drummers who want genuine acoustic look and feel in a compact, space-saving footprint.

The new TD-27 module included with V-Drums Acoustic Design 5 Series kits takes the organic experience even further. Fusing samples recorded in world-class studios with advanced behavior modeling refined over two decades, Roland’s Prismatic technology produces drums that not only sound exceptional, but also respond just like authentic acoustic instruments. With over 700 sounds, 55 preset kits, and 100 kits in total, the combination of the TD-27 module and premium wood drum shells brings deeply immersive realism to electronic drumming. The new overhead mic simulator and increased room ambience control go deeper still, providing a natural sense of spaciousness that any drummer will instantly feel at home with.

To learn more about the V-Drums Acoustic Design series, visit Roland.com.