Joe Doe Guitars collaborates with Vintage


Joe Doe Guitars, maker of unique custom guitars with amazing back stories built in have teamed up with the Vintage® design team to create a series of eight limited edition guitars that are hands down, like nothing you’ve ever seen before! 

Constructed using the highly regarded Vintage® V6™, V52™ and V72™ chassis, Ben Court, originator of Joe Doe Guitars has applied his signature blend of art, design and tall storytelling to create guitars with a history, character and soul all of their own, made to play as well as they look, and sound as good as you’d expect from a Vintage® guitar. So when a Joe Doe Guitar is hanging on your wall it’s a work of art to be admired and discussed in hushed tones and when it’s hanging off your guitar strap, it’s pure musical inspiration.  

Each Joe Doe Guitar features a characterful origin story, custom artwork, unique design details, Wilkinson hardware throughout, exclusive Joe Doe designed pickups and a Joe Doe branded hard case. Each guitar comes with an individually numbered authentication certificate and extra special ‘case candy’.