Social Media Marketing Tips from Take it Away


Social media – can’t live with it, can’t live without it!

That being said, your social media channels are one of the best marketing tools you have. 67% of the UK population are active social media users so there is huge potential to reach new and returning customers through channels such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Our partners at Take it Away have put together some really useful guidelines and tips on how to maximize your presence on these three channels.

Top Tips

1 | Showcase your brand’s personality 
  • Be creative and make sure your bio/profile reflects your business
2 | Say no to bad quality images 
  • Whether taken on a good smartphone or professional camera, be sure to get the best images you can of your store, customers and products.
  • Banish blurry photos!
3 | Communication is key
  • Like, comment, share, re-tweet 
  • Interact with your followers and like minded brands/companies – this will help boost traffic to your page and entice new customers
4 | Be consistent
  • The algorithms (especially of Instagram and Facebook) favour pages which stay consistent with how regularly they are posting. This will help your page stay visible in your followers feeds.

So, how often should I be posting?

Meaning Twitter logo and symbol | history and evolution

Twitter is great to post more regularly throughout the day. This could include:

  • Writing a tweet yourself about something that is on that day (special deals, new in-store arrivalsevents etc.)
  • Sharing an interesting article
  • Retweeting a local teachers news
File:Facebook icon 2013.svg - Wikimedia Commons
  • Facebook is best for sharing things 2-4 times a week
  • Again this could be anything from a great video, an interesting article, your favourite item for sale that week, local news, a video tour of your shop, a poll – you get the idea!
File:Instagram logo 2016.svg - Wikimedia Commons
  • On Instagram, don’t post to your grid more than 1 photo a day. However, the more Instagram stories you can share, the better!
  • Instagram is the most visual platform of the three – make sure you’re posting the highest quality images you have available
  • Don’t post images with lots of text in them – keep it simple

When should I post?

Have a look at your page insights (Facebook and Instagram) to see when you’re audience is most active. Make use of the schedule feature (under publishing tools) on Facebook so that you line up content to be posted even when you’re busy.

You can also use social media management sites to your advantage as we know it can be hard to find the time to update social media profiles. Tools such as Hootsuite will enable you to plan and schedule posts weeks in advance as well as allowing you to manage multiple channels through this one tool. (Other examples – BufferCoSchedule)

Have a look at Take it Away’s website here for some more information on Formats & Best Practise for each platform

Here is a useful list of what size images to use as your headers, profile pictures and post images across all social platforms: Social Media Image Sizes Guide