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Here are some exciting releases from BOSS, including the Katana-Artist MkII; the flagship Katana series model updated with next-generation features and flexibility and the Acoustic Singer Live LT Amplifier; a professional acoustic performance amp with dual channels, onboard effects, and class-leading bi-amp Sound…

BOSS unveils Katana-Artist MkII Guitar Amplifier 

Flagship Katana series model updated with next-generation features and flexibility  

BOSS announces the Katana-Artist MkII, the premier model in the acclaimed Katana guitar amp lineup. In October 2019, BOSS introduced the Katana MkII series to rave reviews around the world. Now, the flagship 100-watt Katana-Artist combo gets the MkII treatment with more tone variations, expanded effects, and other core updates. Also included are some powerful new hardware features only available on the Katana-Artist MkII, including a Contour control, solo boost, external dual amp control, and more.

The Katana-Artist MkII is the ultimate Katana stage amplifier, offering refined tones and premium features for pro players. A key element to the amp’s powerful sound is the 100-watt Waza 12-inch speaker, specially developed by BOSS to deliver “brown sound” tones inspired by the benchmark 25-watt British stack speaker from the 1960s.

The five amp characters in the Katana-Artist MkII now include newly voiced variations for a total of 10 different tone options. Five simultaneous effects categories are also available, up from three in the previous generation. Players can dive deeper with the BOSS Tone Studio editor for Mac and Windows, where they can customize sounds with over 60 effect types, save/recall setups, and more.

With unique front-panel tools, Katana-Artist MkII users can craft tones with precision detail. A three-way Contour switch shapes the core tone, while three selectable Global EQ settings (adjustable in BOSS Tone Studio) allow players to fine-tune the overall sound for different guitars and styles. A solo boost function is available as well, with a dedicated panel knob for fast adjustment.

New expansion features make it simple to use two Katana-Artist MkII amps together. For example, each amp can be configured with independent settings and then be operated from a single GA-FC foot controller, allowing users to blend clean and dirty tones, create wet/dry setups, and more. It’s also possible to use one amp as the master and the other as the slave, with onboard stereo-compatible effects like chorus, delay, and reverb distributed across both amps for a wide, immersive sound field.

Additional Katana-Artist MkII features include eight Tone Setting memories for storing sound setups, a power amp input for modelers and preamps, an effects loop, MIDI, stereo recording via USB, and more.

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BOSS announces Acoustic Singer Live LT Amplifier 

Professional acoustic performance amp with dual channels, onboard effects, and class-leading bi-amp Sound

BOSS announces the Acoustic Singer Live LT, the latest addition to the popular Acoustic Singer amplifier series. Acoustic Singer amps deliver the finest performance in their class, with vibrant, high-definition tone and integrated creative tools for enhancing live performances. The Acoustic Singer Live LT is ideal for players with basic stage amplification needs, offering guitar and mic channels, independent effects, DI connectivity, and more.

Bi-amplification is the gold standard for accurate full-range audio reproduction, and every Acoustic Singer model embraces this advanced approach. A custom woofer and dome tweeter are driven by independent power amps, providing the most clear and natural sound possible. Precision cabinet construction further enhances definition and clarity, eliminating unwanted resonances and providing maximum projection on stage.

The new Acoustic Singer Live LT is the most streamlined model in the series, offering an essential feature set for players who don’t need the extended features found in other Acoustic Singer amps. The bi-amp design delivers 60 watts of total power, and the portable cabinet is easy to carry to rehearsals, gigs, and jam sessions.

Dual channels provide premium sound for acoustic/electric guitar and vocals, with discrete analog input circuitry, independent three-band EQs, and chorus, delay, and reverb effects. BOSS’s Acoustic Resonance processing is available on the guitar channel, restoring natural tone to stage guitars with piezo pickups. The mic channel features a one-touch Enhance function, making it simple to achieve big, studio-quality vocals on stage.

The Acoustic Singer Live LT is equipped with onboard tools to help players quickly eliminate feedback issues, including a phase switch on the guitar channel and a notch filter that works on both channels. Ample rear-panel connectivity is provided as well, allowing users to interface with PA systems, music players, computers, and more.

Other models in the Acoustic Singer series include the 120-watt Acoustic Singer Pro and 60-watt Acoustic Singer Live, which offer advanced features like intelligent vocal harmony, onboard looping, dual DI/line outputs, and more.

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Waza Tube Amp Expander V2

Expanded IR support and more mic options

The free Version 2 software update brings some great new DI enhancements to the Waza Tube Amp Expander. User speaker IR slots have been expanded from 4 to 32, and more microphone choices are now available for the built-in cabs, including a ribbon mic type, three dynamic/ribbon mic blends, and two additional room mic variations.

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BOSS 200 series V1.1 update 

User Memory Expansion

The free Version 1.1 software update brings increased flexibility to the BOSS 200 series, greatly expanding the onboard capacity for storing and recalling sounds. User memories have been increased to 128 (incl. Manual), with banks of four available for fast access on the pedal. Memories can also be recalled directly via external MIDI program change messages.

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