Champion Brass & Woodwind release new Tuning Slide Grease


British brass and woodwind brand Champion are pleased to announce the launch of their new Tuning Slide Grease…

The latest addition to their extensive range of instrument oils and lubricants, Champion Tuning Slide Grease is a must-have accessory for all brass musicians and is specially formulated to keep brass instrument tuning slides clean and moving freely.

By creating an airtight seal around the tuning slide as well as providing excellent lubrication, Champion Tuning Slide Grease ensures that brass instruments continue to perform at their highest level and that they remain in their optimum condition – therefore increasing the overall lifespan of instruments. Regularly applying it to brass instruments guarantees that they are easier to play and, most importantly, sound their very best.

Manufactured from a blend of natural, non-hazardous and odourless ingredients, and housed in a 10g lip-stick style stick, Champion Tuning Slide Grease is easy to apply using the twist applicator. The tightly sealed cap ensures the grease remains well protected when not being used. It is compliant with all European Safety Standard regulations and is therefore suitable for sale and supply right across the world.

Champion Tuning Slide Grease is available to order now exclusively from Barnes & Mullins. Individual stick RRP £1.95.